Mealnut, Engaging With Social Media

Mealnut, Engaging With Social Media

I stayed a decade away from home and one of the problems that has haunted me always was the quality and hygiene of food that I ate. As a student, when you stay in dingy hostels with pathetic food being served in mess or tiffin’s, its the bonding of friends that makes it digestible. However, Mona Soundankar and Jit Salunke have dared to change this by giving birth to Mealnut. MealNut, a Pune based startup has come up with a novel idea of resolving food woes of bachelors and spinsters. Mealnut promises to deliver door to door, customized, high quality and hygienic meals in Pune. With its amazing customer centric features, Mealnut serves twenty Maharashtrian and North Indian food options. Booking of order happens online or via phone or SMS. Now that’s a quality product with a simple user experience.  Mealnut is also using Social Media effectively. Their enthusiasm has tempted me to review it.

Social Media Presence

Blog: A blog can be more effective in the long run though it needs lot of sweat and Mealnut is sweating it out. The blog is supported by Tumblr and has got some great positive reactions. However Mealnut, you can build a great blogging community if you can incorporate the below tips:


  • Register your blog on Technorati, Indiblogger, etc. Indiblogger will really help you get a decent Indian crowd who would be really interested in your efforts.
  • Template is clean but including some widgets like your social media presence, tag cloud, popular articles, etc. will help readers.
  • Blog more often. It will be difficult but if you can blog twice or thrice in a week then your readers will appreciate your efforts.
  • Content is really great, keep writing.

Facebook: A presence on Facebook by businesses is getting lot of healthy response as it is India’s most active social network. Mealnut has an amazing community and the way they are using Facebook, I am sure the community will keep on growing. Sharing food information is really being appreciated as we could see in this thread.

Facebook Engagement

‘Jobs’ is a cool app that Mealnut has incorporated for displaying their requirements. This is really a great way to display jobs via fan page. Mealnut can grow this community with some more continuous engagement which we have shared in tips.



  • Get a slurp slurp landing page. Okay what I meant is to get a cool landing page with all your food items and info. So the next time when someone lands on your page, she knows what you do and can’t resist to like your tempting page. You have free apps that build your landing page or you can look here too or involve your website design team.
  • You can make your display picture more attractive like this.
  • 119 fans like you, so talk to them and find out what they like and what they don’t. This will give you some crowd sourced ideas and as for fans, they will feel great to be a part of the community.
  • Use Discussions and Questions app to get more view points on your startup and to keep your Facebook wall bit noisy.
  • Keep an active presence and appreciate your community once in a while. This could be even by saying thanks or think of some deals too.


Twitter: Mealnut has a Twitter presence and the community is small compared to Facebook but they are really doing a lot of good work on Twitter. Mealnut is being real and talking to its people which is what is Twitter all about. This is quite evident if you have a look on their wall and on this thread too.

Twitter Engagement


Though some more work will really help them to create an engaging Twitter community.


  • Give a background look that matches with your brand identity.
  • Grow your network by connecting to likeminded people as you need people to be aware of you. These apps can give you the kick start like Wefollow, Twellow.
  • Start sharing information that would be useful to your community. For e.g. talk about food but don’t sell on Twitter. Sharing will eventually lead to selling.
  • Be active. Twitter needs an active presence more than any network. That doesn’t mean you tweet 50 tweets in a day. Make your 140 characters count.
  • Talk to your community, they are there for that. Make it funny, informative, etc. whichever way you want but lighten it up.
  • Don’t think of apps or analytics right now. Build your community, engage and be real. If you have a happy community they will do the positive word of mouth for your business.


Mealnut has a LinkedIn group presence which is great to have but make it active. For more information on how to use LinkedIn groups effectively, this should help you. Mealnut has an amazing business model and if they can continuously build a brand on social media then they can surely win hearts.

Good luck Mealnut, keep experimenting as that is the only secret sauce of Social Media!