McDowell’s Celebrates Friendship With The #No1Yaari Digital Film

McDowell’s No. 1 has launched a 7-minute friendship film called #No1Yaari, an ode to Yaari’, sung by Mohit Chauhan

Mcdowells no1yaari

McDowell’s No. 1 is the latest in the list of brands to have joined the bandwagon of long format digital films. Read more on ‘The 9 Must Watch Long Format Indian Ad Films Of 2014’. The spirit maker has rolled out a new campaign celebrating friendship with a 7-minute digital film and a curtailed version of it in a minute long TVC.

Conceptualised by DDB Mudra, the film titled ‘#No1Yaari, an ode to Yaari’ is more like a 7-minute friendship song. Sung by acclaimed singer Mohit Chauhan and composed by Rajeev Bhalla with lyrics penned by Sonal Dabral, McDowell’s No. 1 Yaari captures the magic of old friendship through the story of 3 childhood friends.

The story starts with the 3 getting off a train and then reminiscing old memories of them having supported each other over the years. There are scenes of the trio having fun at a bakery, of them pulling each other’s legs, lending money when the other required it, helping one of them propose to a girl and other moments that are sure to create nostalgia in the viewer.

The film then cuts back to the present, where the trio are now in front of a closed door wondering who would her ‘favourite’ among them be. As the door is opened it is revealed that they have come to visit an old teacher. The delighted lady recognises them as the three friends at one and welcomes them. While they chat, she is asked who is her favourite. She says no one, but then adds it was their ‘friendship’ that was her favourite.

The film ends with the friends leaving the house as a voice over says, “McDowell’s No.1. Asli yaari ka No.1 spirit”.

Uploaded on November 5 at the McDowells #No1Yaari YouTube channel, the video has gained over 1.4 million views in the last 25 days. The brand’s Facebook page has been sharing the film with its fans along with interesting visuals capturing the deep bond between the three. However, the McDowell’s Twitter page isn’t helping in sharing the film; it is defunct since 2013.

Interestingly, the spirit brand has a soundcloud account called ‘No1friends‘. The No1 yaari song has been uploaded here and is also available for download.

More brands are adapting to the growing digital audience segment. While budgets for digital have increased, short films or long format ad films are being created specifically for the digital viewer. For the No1Yaari song McDowell’s has catered to both - a 7-minute emotional heart stirrer for the socially connected world, and a 1-minute TVC for the largest consumer segment in the country.

The friendship song gels perfectly with a brand known as the ‘Dosti ka No. 1 Spirit’ with its excellent storytelling, but it could work on triggering conversations on social media around #No1yaari. The digital film needs to be pushed with the help of a social media campaign, unless it hopes to catch up organically.