McDowell’s No.1 Launches BossPatrol To Help Save You From The Patrolling Boss

A review of BossPatrol app from McDowell’s No.1, that helps office colleagues open up 'safe screens' instantly when the boss is around

They say ‘the boss is always right’, but now you could prove that wrong without putting your job on the line. Now how is that possible, you ask? This Independence Day McDowell’s No.1 has set the young workforce free by launching the ‘BossPatrol’ app, so you could carry on Facebooking or watching the league games without stressing on when the boss passes by.

BossPatrol is a smart app that gets instantly triggered with a specified secret phrase to open up pre-selected work windows with presentations and spreadsheets, just when the boss passes by your workstation. And, what happens in case you do not see your boss approaching? Well, someone in your office gang would and can save the day by BossPatrol.

Here’s a cool graphic video illustrating the benefits of the app:

How BossPatrol works?

The app is quite simple and once downloaded works on both Mac and Windows. The only visible sign on your browser would be the app extension at top right side, provided you are using Google Chrome. Sadly, BossPatrol works only with Google Chrome at the moment but Firefox support will be available soon, it seems.

Available for download at a dedicated website, it comes with a PDF file too, with steps to help you set it up. It needs a Facebook login so you can create a group by adding your colleagues through Facebook. Next select a rescue screen from many choices of spreadsheets and presentations; these would serve as ‘safe screens’ when your boss is near.

The next step is to choose a secret phrase. The app enables your microphone wherein you can choose to record a phrase that does not raise suspicion. For instance, I would never go with ‘Bhago bhoot aya!’


If there isn’t a microphone, you can hit the rescue key instead – Shift+Z. This will serve the same purpose.

You can always modify the settings for groups, the rescue screen or change the rescue phrase through ‘Settings’. Through ‘Invites’, you can keep a track of new group invitations.

Innovative engagement

Celebrating the spirit behind ‘Dosti ka No.1 Spirit’, the most popular whiskey brand in India has managed to create an engaging campaign around friendship with BossPatrol. Focusing on office friendship, McDowell’s No.1 has extended the scope onto social and the youth as well. Caught red-handed while browsing through your Facebook feeds is a common concern among young office-goers nowadays. I’m sure BossPatrol is going to rule many Chrome browsers in offices!

And, what is noteworthy here is the sheer innovation of building a useful app for the community. Nothing calls for better social media engagement than this. But, while testing the app on our team of two, we were disappointed by the response time from the rescue phrase to the rescue screen. Had there been a patrolling boss around, we would surely be caught!

Also, BossPatrol could do better with some innovative promotions on the brand’s social media channels too. The McDowell’s Facebook page does share a few updates about the app, while the Twitter page seems to be abandoned as of March.

Nevertheless, a brilliant idea to manage patrolling bosses. Do give a shot to BossPatrol and let us know how it saves you.