McDowell’s No.1 Engages With Its Online Community For Karaoke World Championship 2013

Review of social media promotions by whiskey brand McDowell’s No.1 for the Karaoke World Championship (KWC) 2013 Indian trials. The brand has built a Karaoke mobile app too


Don’t we love singing to a karaoke, be it a house party or at the club? Karaoke singing sessions help bond at a party and often serve as good icebreakers. Leveraging this aspect of karaoke and in celebration of the brand spirit of ‘Dosti ka No.1 Spirit’, McDowell’s No.1 - India’s most popular whiskey brand - is hosting the Karaoke World Championship (KWC) Indian trials, the winners of which will go to Finland for the KWC 2013 finals.

The event that started in July with venue and zonal finales in multiple cities across the country, has shortlisted 24 singers who will compete at the KWC Indian Grand Finale on the 6th of October 2013 in Mumbai. The offline events have been brought to the online world through the main sponsors McDowell’s No.1 in interesting ways, despite the event having its own online properties. In addition to an extensive and informative website, KWC 2013 also has a presence on Facebook and Twitter that are focusing on sharing pictures from the events.

McDowell's_KWC_2013_websiteMcDowell’s No.1 has ensured it makes the maximum impact through social and digital media, by involving and engaging its online community throughout the championship.

The initial engagement began with a commercial featuring the brand’s ambassadors - cricketer Chris Gayle and his friends, actor Purab Kohli and Indian Idol Chang. The two push Gayle to participate in a talent show by singing the popular Bollywood number Humma humma using the McDowell’s No.1 Karaoke app. Gayle becomes the no.1 singing star by using the app!

While promoting the brand’s mobile app, the commercial also set the stage for fans to karaoke along while encouraging them to participate in the KWC events happening in their city. The commercial video has garnered more than 825K views to date, while the mobile app seems to be getting popular. The Android and iOS ready app enables an impromptu karaoke party anywhere, anytime, with features to share on social media too.

Additionally, the McDowell’s No.1 Facebook page built a dedicated app called ‘Karaoke with friends‘. Apart from featuring the video commercials, the app also featured the demo video for the mobile app, a way to meet Gayle and a multiple-choice set of questions to find out what kind of a singer are you. The other part introduced KWC and its schedule and featured singers from the past championships.

Also, a voting app on the Facebook page now features videos of the shortlisted singers. You can vote for them, however I’m not sure how these Facebook votes will add up to their performance on Sunday.

Long term community bonding

McDowell’s No.1 has sure got its ‘Dosti ka No.1 Spirit’ right. Associating with KWC and reaching out to the youth through friendship bonds has been reflected on each of its online content piece. Right from Facebook posts and apps to the funny ad video and mobile karaoke app, McDowell’s No.1 seems to be on a roll with this exciting and engaging campaign.

The whiskey brand is known for its fun and innovative engagement around friendship. This Independence Day McDowell’s No.1 went about to set the young workforce free by launching the ‘BossPatrol’ app for Chrome browsers, so that one can carry on Facebooking or watching the league games without stressing on when the boss passes by. The app gets triggered instantly with a specified secret phrase to open up pre-selected work windows displaying presentations and spreadsheets; the secret phrase can be triggered by anyone in the specified office group through the Facebook login enabled app.

Whether in a karaoke or just hanging out with friends, the brand manages to create a recall with its campaigns, while also creating a relevant and engaged online community.