McDonalds India Introduces McEggs In A Fun Facebook Application

About the Facebook campaign designed to introduce McDonald's latest product McEgg and how it is a great initiative to spread the word

McDonalds India has launched yet another Facebook application to publicize its new product - the McEgg burger apart from the earlier Egg-tease one. With this app, fans can give a new look to their friends and get ‘likes’ on their creation. And both could win a free McEgg based on the likes they garner.

McEgg, the latest launch by Global foodservice retailer, McDonalds is the new talk of the town. Ever since its launch, McDonalds has been talking about eggs on its TVCs and radio, as well as social media. Prior to the launch, a series of teasers populated the brands Facebook page and YouTube. From bad egg jokes to having a good time teasing your friends by likening them to eggs, the Facebook page has been quite active in promoting the McEgg.

 About the McEgg application


At present, there is a fun application on the Facebook page where fans can create a new look for their friends and win a McEgg burger, provided they are in the cities the contest is valid in. After you select ‘Try something new’, you will be led to a specially designed microsite for introducing the McEgg.

The microsite has a series of engaging features like ‘Win a free burger’, ‘Break an egg’, ‘Know my story’ and ‘Download ringtones’. I obviously started with break an egg as it sounded the most fun. An animated egg teases and challenges you while you select from a range of weapons to beat it - axe, hammer, pistol, etc. No matter what you select, the egg does not break. Finally, you are given a bonus weapon, the burger to which the egg will immediately surrender.

‘Win a free burger’ is where a list of rules will be displayed before you can ‘Get Started’. Select a picture from your friend’s list or select yours through the webcam option. Use the crazy tools provided to give the picture a new look and share it on the wall. There is a set of funky moustaches, beards, wigs, glasses, goggles and hats to choose from.

You will get a free McEgg burger for 10 likes on your picture and if you manage to get 15 likes on your friends picture, then both of you will get a free McEgg burger.


Last month, the brand was running the ‘Egg-tease’ campaign through a fun Facebook application where fans could pick their friends to tease them as per the ‘egg’ characters created by the application – Sunny Saidap, Eggie Sue, Scambly Joe amongst others. The winners were chosen by a lucky draw and given McEgg vouchers.

How cool is the McEgg application?

Having a dedicated microsite for a newly launched product is good. Besides, I’m impressed with the concept behind the fun apps on Facebook as they are primarily targeted towards friends. Teasing your friends, making funny pictures out of them, giving them a complete makeover and then sharing it with your circle - just everything that happens in real life has been emulated in these apps. The campaign designers sure understand what Facebook as a platform can offer.

Secondly, the design, layout and navigation of the app is commendable. The animations and sound together make for an adorable experience. However, the thing that needs a mention is the incentive that is provided to the fans is aligned to the campaign objective - free McEggs to McDonalds fans. I’m certainly having a McEgg sooner than I can!

However, taking the fan away from Facebook and onto the microsite isn’t such a good idea, though I’ve seen many brands do that. The campaign has a lot to offer the community in terms of ringtone download, TVC viewing, fun videos, etc. And displaying the easy options for online delivery is a great idea too. But what it could have done is create an extensive app with all the features of the microsite within Facebook itself.

People who have logged on to Facebook are there for the fun and the social aspect of it. As a brand you can let them have fun with their friends using your app, but it is not sensible to make your fans move out from Facebook to a dedicated site.

Besides, I found the response time of the apps to be very slow. It took nearly ages to display the friends list. Apps, games or any fun activity can get really frustrating if a user has to wait for it to load!

Nevertheless, I like the McEgg campaign by McDonalds India. It sure is creating a dent in our McDonald memories! Have you paid a visit to the McEgg app?