This McDonald’s Emoticon City Brings To Life Every Emoticon You’ve Ever Seen

Extending its 'Come As You Are' campaign, McDonald’s France and BETC Paris have launched Emoticon city where emoticons have been brought to life

Emoticons hold a place of their own in virtual communication today. The little round yellow faces help you express your mood without having to type it out. Whether you’re sad or happy, excited or depressed, angry or plain damn bored, you can still communicate it in just one little emoticon.

So popular is this new language of emoticons that brands too have embraced the phenomenon. Emoticons are not only a regular feature in their advertising campaigns but branded ones also want to play an active part of our communication. This March, mint maker Mentos released a set of its own branded emoticons called ementicons to let people express emotions like awkward, bromantic, selfie obsessed, cute crazed and more.

Now McDonald’s France has leveraged the power and simplicity of emoticons for its latest campaign “Come as You Are” (Venez Commes Vous Etes). The new campaign called ‘Emoticon City’ is as extension of its earlier advertising campaign first launched in 2008. Emoticon’s City’s ‘Come as You Are’ is the burger brand’s way of saying you’re welcome at McDonald’s whether you’re happy, sad, stressed or excited.

In Emoticon City, all the emoticons you’ve ever seen or used in your messages or emails, come alive in the hustle and bustle of the city.

Developed by BETC Paris and directed by French director duo ‘We Are From LA’, the minute-long spot does its best to portray people’s emotions as they go about their daily lives. A naughty kid is transformed into the little red devil emoticon, while kissing couples become the kiss emoticon.