Mayank Jain talks About The Journey Of MusicFellas

Interview with Mayank Jain from Musicfellas where he talks about the journey of Musicfellas as a indie music startup, what social media marketing means for musicfellas and the road ahead


Imagine working in a startup where the end goal is to provide/consume and enrich music as an end product? Well, Mayank is working with MusicFellas and fulfilling his dream of contributing to the Indian Music Industry. Musicfellas has been there for quite sometime now and with its niche following, is gaining a reputation for providing some great taste of Indie music to us. We spoke to Mayank Jain, who also happens to be one of the co-founders at MusicFellas, to know more about their journey and how exciting has the entrepreneurial route been for them.

The beginning

Mayank Jain

While chatting with buddies, Mayank and Shubhranshu Jain along with Gaurav Shahlot - all three  who share a common interest of music among themselves - started researching more and more about music and what can be done to improve the end result of independent music in India. And then came up with the concept of MusicFellas. With a strength of 8 people currently on board, out of which 6 are contributing full-time to the startup, Mayank is confident of the team growing up to its full potential.

But with music, there also comes the challenge of piracy which the music industry is trying to fight for decades. Although the Indian audience has started paying for digital music and the scene has improved from what it was 5 years ago thanks to legalized music streaming sites and ‘pay per song’ initiatives.

Mayank believes that music is all about enriching a user’s experience and creating unique experiences for them.”The people here are to support new music and not buying it“. And it does hold true for all the Indie/Rock Music lovers who love an artists music and are not afraid to shell out money to buy his/her work.

On social media marketing

Within a short span, Musicfellas has recorded a tremendous increase if Alexa ranking is anything to go by. Their site rank in India has increased from 40,000 to 10,000 within the last 6 months. The biggest challenge they have faced while marketing is - reaching out new audiences, shared Mayank. And this is where he feels Social Media is a great tool for his marketing mix.

As with all the startups, comes the challenge of self-promotion as they don’t have the marketing budgets to promote themselves on all the digital channels. In these times, when everyone has a Facebook account, it becomes easier and cost effective for Startups like Musicfellas to be on Social Media to attract people.

Mayank says Musicfellas uses Social Media heavily in their marketing mix but more on the lines of engaging conversations regarding what their fans love - Music. And true to their word, their Facebook page does update regarding upcoming gigs around India and useful information about artists and their favourite music and interesting articles and infographics. Being a niche Indie Music platform in India, Mayank does not stress much on Search Engine Optimization but more on word of mouth and Social media to reach out to fans and new bands alike. He calls the music portal more on the lines of an experience platform.

Facing the entrepreneurial challenges

Recalling about the ups and downs about his entrepreneurial journey, Mayank shares that there were instances when any negative feedback from the users were kind of learning experience for them but that inspired them to perform and come back harder. He recalls being associated with Musicfellas and working on too many aspects like being a designer, a developer and a writer. ‘ This is way better than being at a desktop job where you have a fixed job to do everyday, more fun and challenging, ‘ states Mayank.

With similar platforms around Bollywood songs like Dhingaana and launching their own Android application to enhance their reach, Musicfellas has no concrete plans to work on any mobile application as yet. Mayank feels the initiative will depend on his team’s bandwidth and depending on the feedback and response from his users, they might think of having one in the near future.

When asked about the happiest moment he had with Musicfellas till date, Mayank said it has to be during the launch. “With so much effort gone into the product, we certainly felt satisfied and it was a kind of achievement for us with the amount of hard work put in.”

Advice to entrepreneurs and a quickfire round

As advice to other entrepreneurs, Mayank laughingly confirms that when people say startups are tough, they are correct!

“It does take a lot of effort and persistence to survive and a never say die attitude. There is no specific role model for startups as such in India and even if they are, they aren’t being publicized as such and I hope so we can have one for the future generations to come out more and experiment with what they love.”

  • Favourite bands - Indian: Sulk Station. International: Led Zepellin (Aren’t they Legen—Wait for it — Dary!!)
  • Favourite guitarist - Indian: Warren Mendosa (Zero/ BlackStratBlues). International: David Gilmour, Jimi Hendrix.
  • Most memorable gig you have been to - NH7 Weekender.  Live at the Console.

Wishing Mayank and his team all the very the best, we hope they give the world some more awesome music in the future. You can check out our review of Musicfellas here.