What Mesh, Maxus’ Social Command Center Has To Offer

Maxus has launched Mesh in association with Vocanic, a marketing command center that reads environmental signals in real time.


Social media has been a boon for marketers as they are gaining real-time insights on consumer behavior like never before. However, the biggest concern for brands is to make intelligent decisions from the huge data sets that are available at their finger tips. This led to the mushrooming of social media monitoring and analytics products but not one product can answer all the problems of brands from tracking to getting real-time data and implementing the insights in real-time to the campaigns.

Global media agency, Maxus has found the answer to the present problems in the form of Mesh - a marketing command center that reads environmental signals in real-time. Maxus had earlier announced about the platform which was undergoing beta testing in the Philippines market, before being rolled out in larger markets like India and Australia. Maxus India’s Digital Acceleration Team (DAT) initiative for Nestle was the genesis of the tool.

Now in a latest announcement, Maxus states that it has rolled out Mesh in partnership with Vocanic - GroupM’s in-house social media agency, to build nine robust Mesh installations in Philippines, India, Australia, Vietnam and Hong Kong offices. In each of these offices Maxus will have 10 large HD screens powering numerous data sources, ranging from brand social buzz, competitor tracking, social influencers, contextual, to owned and paid.

Essentially, Mesh is trying to pull all campaign audience and client data and then visualizes it before applying analytics and econometrics to generate insights. Advertisers now have the ability to act on these insights by selecting the media channels they want to target along with the creative they want to use through Mesh’s built-in asset management system.

From 360 degree brand health real time tracking that includes what people are saying about their brands, who is saying it, how influential they are and how they are tracking against the key competitors, Mesh is also providing a platform to track all live client campaigns across markets, channels and objectives for its clients.  In addition to this through Mesh, the agency will be able to pick up on a crisis, alert the clients and take action, whether it’s in developing real-time content, adjusting media spend and allocation or other actions.

Internally, Mesh will be leveraging Vocanic’s proprietary technology, VSocial, to power all social campaigns, community management and social CRM initiatives. “The use of VSocial will make MESH more usable across our network. MESH is our answer for using social data to bridge the divide from the unknown to the known,” Andy Radovic, Regional Digital Director – Products and Services Maxus, said.

But isn’t Mesh trying to create a space in an already crowded market of social media monitoring and intelligence tools? However, Maxus thinks that the bundled features Mesh is providing has no competition in the market. “A lot of them (command centers) tend to be good at just one thing. What we’ve tried to build is something that can visualise what’s trending in all of the brand’s channels in a simple interface and then take action across different tools, from paid media through to social,” Martin Shaw, Head of Digital at Maxus Asia-Pacific informed.

For now Mesh is going to be rolled out in five markets - starting with Philippines, then Vietnam, Australia and Hong Kong by the end of 2015. It’s not clear when it would be rolled out in India.

Image credit: Twitter