Max Life Insurance Strengthens The Brand’s Promise Of ‘Aapke Sachche Advisor’

As an extension of its brand promise “Aapke sachche advisor”, Max Life Insurance has launched a campaign to highlight its promise of giving honest advice and customer commitment

Max Life aapke sachche advisor

Max Life aapke sachche advisor

It’s that time of the year when the country will look for insurance plans and other financial investments. And insurance brands are rekindling trust yet again. The largest non-bank private life insurer, Max Life Insurance has launched a new campaign to reinforce its promise of giving honest advice and highlight the brand’s commitment to its customers.

An extension of its brand promise “Aapke sachche advisor”, the ad campaign conceptualized by Ogilvy & Mather involves three films to describe each of the areas of claims, delivery and service provided by Max Life. The brand’s agents are shown to be tempted by a devil who tries to mislead them with wrong advice, but the agent wins over his conscience and does the right thing.

In the ‘Claims’ commercial the agent assures the customer of settling the claim within 10 days, even when the devil advises him to commit for a longer period. In the ‘Delivery’ ad, the agent goes personally to deliver the policy to the customer.

And in “Service promise’ a woman agent at a beauty salon takes a call from a customer to answer queries, despite it being a Sunday and her personal grooming time at the beauty salon. Each of the ad films end with the tagline, “Policy dene ke baad humara rishta khatam nahi, shuru hota hai’ .

Buzz on social

The campaign is being promoted on social media with interesting contests to emphasize that with Max Life insurers around, bad advice has gone extinct. The insurance brand’s Facebook page sports a brand new cover photo showing both the agents and the devils and their outlook towards the customer. Incidentally, the page has 666K fans, 666 being the number of the devil!

Recently, it hosted a timeline hunt Facebook contest with the hashtag “#BadAdviceGoingExtinct’. Fans needed to find the devils who are spreading bad advice on the timeline and reply using the hashtag. Hints were provided with each post with the help of which fans could follow the hint and find the bad advice. The quickest two fans to find the devils won iPod shuffles and Flipkart vouchers.

The timeline is posting visuals to depict the values of right advice, honesty and commitment of the agents/Aapke sachche advisors. Fans are being informed about the duties of an honest agent. The timeline hunt contest was shared on the brand’s Twitter page too, which is otherwise occupied in resolving customer queries.

Building trust and a long-term bonding

Life insurance is a matter of a long term relationship with your agent. Every time your premium dates are due, it is the agent who needs to inform you, and when you need to settle a claim, again it is the agent who helps you with it. Building trust and reliability in the agents is then dependent on their personal virtues and professional commitment. The new Max Life’s ad films help in highlighting the honesty and commitment of the brands agents, better known as “Aapke sachche advisors”.

By emphasizing that a relationship begins after a customer takes a policy, the films have succeeded in highlighting the brand’s after sales commitment. The devil and the agent have been extended well onto social networks in this campaign, with the help of both visual updates and the timeline hunt contest on Facebook. Twitter could have been leveraged too to emphasize the same.

The campaign does strengthen the brand’s promise of being honest advisors, although a trusting relationship goes beyond a campaign and addressing grievances posted on the social media platforms.