Max India Calls Upon Fans To Count Their Blessings Via Facebook

Max India has launched a Facebook initiative ‘Count your blessings' that pulls up personal information and events from Facebook to create a customized video that showcases some of your most memorable moments


Max India takes its brand communication a step further. The Max India Group focused on people and service oriented businesses, is also one of the trusted brands for insurance and health care that has always endorsed the message of health, wealth and happiness through its brand communication. Taking this message a step further, the brand has launched an interesting Facebook campaign called ‘Count your blessings’ that highlights life’s little joys which often tend to be overlooked. The idea is to give a reminder to its consumers that life is beautiful and every moment precious.

You can ‘Count your blessings’ by way of the memorable Facebook updates you share with your friends and family. Designed and developed by digital agency Webchutney, ‘Count your blessings’ is hosted on a Facebook application on the Max India Facebook page.

Count your blessings

‘Count your blessings’ basically creates a Facebook connect video by pulling up personal information from your timeline including lists of your close friends and important personal events like birthdays, graduation, etc. This information is then integrated and used to create a customized video that showcases some of your most memorable moments.


You do not have to like the page to count your blessings. Click on ‘Experience now’ and sit back to watch your happy memories come alive. It creates a video story from the many photographs you have shared and the personal details you have entered on your profile like of your family, friends, celebrations, education, etc. At the end, there is an option to share the video on your Facebook wall, or you can always replay the video.

Bonding with your consumer

Creating a personalized video and enabling fans to relive their most memorable moments makes ‘Count your blessings’ a simple yet smart campaign. Trust and loyalty play a vital role for insurance companies and with customized storytelling that uses personal information stored in Facebook, MAX has come one step closer to its fans and one step closer to its potential customers.

However, the concept of pulling out Facebook information to unearth interesting personal facts about fans isn’t a new one. Tata Docomo, one of India’s leading telecom companies, had recently created a portal ‘Open Up’, empowered by a Facebook login that helped in finding out who are your best friends, which were your most amazing moments, which are the friends you have lost touch with and more. For IE10 promotions, Microsoft had created Shovel, an extensive Facebook application that dug deep into your social life and unveiled some very interesting insights in the form of neat infographics.

Nevertheless, every brand is creating a different story that aligns with its communication. With ‘Count Your Blessings’, Max not only builds an emotional bond but also lends a friendly advice to its fans.