Maruti Suzuki Ritz One Million Fans Celebration Does Not Excite

An article on how Maruti Suzuki Ritz Celebrates For One Million Fans on Facebook and how it could have Done Better

Maruti Suzuki, India’s most trusted band in the auto segment has something to cherish for. The Facebook fan page of Maruti Suzuki Ritz is now a community of more than a million fans and the only auto brand to boast about it. A feat that has been achieved in a year and half’s time as the Facebook page made its debut in August 2010 according to To cherish this moment the fan page has started an interesting contest showing gratitude towards fans.

“Celebrating One Million” is a tab that has been developed for the fans by the page, which is yet to adopt the new timeline feature for brands. The page that is open to all on Facebook requires you to click on the “Pic Badge” button on the page and that will direct you to the site is a meteoric social platform, allowing people and businesses to create ideas, events, interests, etc. on top of their profiles. So once you are in the Ritz community of, you can either create a new Pic Badge and gain popularity by displaying it to others so that they support it by using it or wear a badge already created by other fans. Once you have done this, you can go ahead and show your love towards Ritz by displaying it as your profile picture on Facebook. Simple and no brainer concept.

Celebration For One Million Fans

However the interesting thing to be noticed is that with this contest the brand hasn’t decided to give any goodies to its fans. The brand had done much better celebrations when it had crossed half a million but this time around it’s more of spreading it’s own accomplishment via fans. There could be a reason for this as the brand is already running some more contests on it’s page such as Ritz Couple Moments, Ritz Owners Lounge, etc. Although one would have loved to see better celebrations on such a big feat and that too when it is the only auto brand to do so.

Thanking one’s community is one of the core things of Facebook engagement as it is your fans that make you grow big and spread the positive word of mouth. So similar occasions should be celebrated more than a thank you. I have witnessed that at times, brands just paste a picture of a thank you on the wall and move on. In that comparison Ritz fan page has done well by creating the Pic Badge engagement but it would have been great had it celebrated the love by rewarding some of the loyal fans with surprise goodies. I think it’s time to learn from other brands like Cadbury which recently celebrated for it’s one million community on Facebook.

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The objective was same but the execution was smart and different. For a brand it won’t be a big cost but the effects would be far reaching. So do you think the Maruti Suzuki Ritz as a brand should have done more in terms of celebrating this feat of accomplishing a million fans?