Maruti Suzuki India Unveils The New Swift On Facebook

Maruti Suzuki India Unveils the New Swift On Facebook

In India, if Bisleri means water, ParleG means biscuits, and then Maruti definitely means cars. Maruti, the most trusted and renowned brand in cars is now flexing its arms in social media. Most businesses are using Facebook these days but I am amazed when businesses bring in innovative ideas to do so. Recently Pizza Hut India unveiled its latest ad on Facebook, exclusively for its community. Maruti Suzuki India has also unveiled its new Swift model but the magnitude and the buildup on its Facebook fan page is humongous.

Maruti which has for the first time launched its car on Facebook had created the hype from last few days by creating a dedicated Facebook app. The app which was a countdown of the launch resembled more like the one that Sony did for ‘Kaun Bangea Crorepati’.


The Countdown App



Apart from the buildup of the online buzz, Maruti also created a Facebook event to get a heads-up for a live webcast event. The last few hours saw some amazing status updates that was enough to make it a historic event as claimed by the brand.


Interesting Status Updates

Another app – ‘Launch The Swift’ was created for fans that would highlight the latest features of the new Swift upon clicking. The app also provides pictures and videos of the new model but it moves me out from the app when I click on both the buttons. One would have wished if these features would have been embedded in the app itself and not make me leave the Facebook page. For e.g. if you click on the videos it lands you on its Youtube brand channel. One may debate that it is highlighting the fan of another active network but as a brand I would love my fans to be on the particular network for a longer duration.


Launch The Swift

Without a doubt, Maruti has been a trusted brand in India but one may also agree that now the streets are not only filled with Maruti but they are sprouting with other brands too. I think that growing competition and the decision to unveil its latest Maruti Swift on Facebook are not coincidental. However, this is been hyped as a historic launch of a car on Facebook in India which it is and initiatives like this will increase by the brand as said by Shashank Srivatsava, chief general manager (marketing), Maruti Suzuki:

“This is a one of its kind launch for Maruti Suzuki, and marks the beginning of a series of new initiatives that Maruti Suzuki will undertake across various digital and new medium platforms in the coming months.”


We are optimistic by such moves by Indian businesses where they are adopting social media and brain storming for innovative ways. However it would be great if Maruti Suzuki reveals the engagement stats for this campaign and also how many landed up in the showroom from Facebook. Don’t you think it is time for Indian businesses on social media to move beyond likes and comments?