Maruti Suzuki Estilo Facebook Contest

The new Maruti Suzuki Estilo Facebook Contest is not at all appealing.

Automobile companies seem to be pretty active on Facebook. Every new model has its own page and a community of followers. And of course, a set of contests to promote that model. Recently, Maruti Suzuki Estilo launched a Facebook contest called ‘Come Alive in 2012’. All you have to do is tell about one goal you want to achieve in 2012 and how you are going to make it possible and send it to [email protected]. The page states that the ‘most feasible’ answers will win exciting prizes, but fails to state what is the feasibility factor and what are the prizes.

Facebook Contest

When I visited the wall, I was welcomed by many other contest updates that invited me to participate in the ‘Estilo come alive weekends’ contest and provided a link for the same. Who knows if I could be the one among ten lucky winners to get a 3 days and 2 nights weekend holiday package for two, by just answering 3 simple questions! So I clicked the link which took me to the Yatra website and showed me a long list of Terms and Conditions. Another click on a ‘participate here’ button and finally I was at a surveymonkey page with some questions about the Estilo and a form to fill my contact details. I found the answers from the Estilo website just as they had expected me to do. I completed that form as I had come a long long way to reach here.

To my eyes, this kind of engagement is cold and will not bring the brand any relevant fans. Moreover the contest tab for ‘Come Alive in 2012’ is a static one asking you to email. All this kind of reflects the tone of engagement in the fan page to be one of that which is done for the sake of doing something, although one may not gain any value. It is notable that the website of Maruti Suzuki Estilo is very appealing and interactive in contrast to their Facebook fan page. Couldn’t they have brought in that same look and feel to the Facebook page?

I for one, am absolutely unimpressed by the contest and the FB page. It not only bores me but also does not bring about any kind of engagement among the 78,707 fans. I believe these contests to be just an ‘email collection’ exercise so that the brand can jam our inbox with their latest product offers, schemes and discounts.

I wish that at least this year we see brands getting honest about social media and build relationships rather than being online salesmen.

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