Marketplace Imly Opens Up Facebook Stores For Home Chefs

Imly the marketplace for home cooked food has launched individual Facebook stores for all their chefs, so that Facebook users can order food while they are socializing


Cooking is a stress buster for me. The love for cooking partially came watching my mom cook as a kid and also leaving home at an early age. However, I still crave for my mom’s cooking even though it is bit oily. I am sure most of you would be craving to have your mom’s food but then it is not always possible if you’re away.

Here enters startup Imly, founded by Abhishek Singh, whose love for his mother’s cooking inspired him to form the startup. The Mumbai based venture that started its operations from March 2013, is a marketplace which connects home chefs with prospective customers or lovers of home cooked delicious food.

The site that allows you to order online from its website has now gone one step closer and has launched Facebook stores for its chefs, reports YourStory. With the new move in place, chefs can now list all their items on the respective Facebook pages and customers can now shop from the social network while socializing with friends.

The startup has shared some of the recently created stores for its chefs on the Facebook page. I tried my hands on Sugar Rush by trying to place an order for Blondies. On click of the item I was led to the below page which told me a bit about the product and the preparation time along with the price.


Once you click on the Order Now option the item is added to the cart. While you make the payment of the selected product you can specify when you prefer the product to be ready. One can also send a small note to the chef if required for any preference required on the food item.

If you are interested in opening a similar store then you can, just click here and the startup promises to do the needful. The setup of the shop won’t take much of your time (I haven’t tested creating a store but my experience tells it would be easy job) and within no time the entire store ported and linked to the respective Facebook page. The process is also free for now.

The latest move of opening Facebook Stores have been built based on feedback from the chefs on the platform and is the outcome of a poll conducted by Imly. These orders placed through Facebook are still routed through Imly. So any change in the Imly store is reflected on the Facebook stores too.

Opening up stores on Facebook or Facebook Commerce has been pretty much out there. Facebook Commerce startups like SellMojo, Expresstore have been doing the same for some time now. However, this could be one of those first marketplace startups that is opening up Facebook Stores for home chefs. The move not only provides a new opportunity for Facebook users to order food from the platform itself but at the same time provides the extra buzz about Imly on the social network.

One important effort that Imly needs to do while it is opening up Facebook Stores for Chefs is educating them on how to connect and market their product on Facebook. Most of the stores fail right here as some start spamming on the wall or some don’t know the right way to market. Some time back SellMojo tied up with Facebook India team to provide marketing courses to its customers. A partnership like this would be good or conduct some workshops, it isn’t rocket science.

I guess the next time I’m hungry and not in a mood to cook, I know exactly where to head. Glad to know that Imly is present in Pune too! Will you order food on Facebook?