Marketplace- Facebook App For New And Used Goods

Marketplace- Facebook App For New And Used Goods

Social Commerce is quickly changing the way we trade things online. Marketplace is one such app on Facebook that is changing the way we look at buying and selling things. There are loads of portals o buy new things but Marketplace lets you sell your used products on Facebook. Powered by Oodle based in US, the app has an amazing presence among Indian’s too.

Log into the app with your Facebook profile and you would be surprised to see that many of your existing friends are using Marketplace. That’s the beauty of social commerce; you are quite likely to follow or at least peek in what are your friends buying. The app has three major sections:

‘Search For Stuff’ lets you do a simple search about what you intend to purchase depending on the region you have selected. Did a search for sunglasses and the result is shown in the screenshot.


Search For Stuff

The likeable features here are the quick Facebook comments section that allows you to see what people are saying and the ‘Like’ button tells you the number. ‘I’m Interested’ is a button which will deliver a small note to the seller about your interest in the item for sale. Very simple and a quick way of reaching out and getting details of the product.

‘Ask Your Friends’ feature is a way to share your requirements with your friends. So you can write a short message and ask your friends or the Marketplace community for help as shown in the screenshot:


Ask Your Friends

This helps when you are not able to find any particular product that you want. Maybe a friend or a seller can contact you to help you.

‘Post Listing to Marketplace’ is another feature by which you post the details of goods that you want to sell. This is small form where you fill in the product, pictures and price details. On save, this is displayed on the Marketplace or to your friends network depending upon your choice.


Post Listing To Marketplace

Along with the above features, the categories section in Marketplace is also user-friendly. With Indians spending a lot of time on Facebook, Marketplace is a definite choice to try out when compared to other selling portals in India.  However, it would be interesting to see if Facebook social credits could be a part of Marketplace.