ManageFlitter-Trim your Twitter

ManageFlitter-Trim your Twitter

New things do excite us but after a while the excitement needs to be streamlined to be of any use. Social media is storage of information and we need to curate it, otherwise it would lead us to a dead end. Twitter is usually defined as an information network but we find it to be a social network.Our connections need to be managed to be able to make better sense of it.

Twitter lets you connect to anyone in this world and follow. So if you are a student who loves bollywood, politics and cricket then you can follow twitteraties interested in the same. If you are a marketing manager of a retail outlet,then you can follow people who come from retail space, competitors etc. Your Twitter profile looks quite cool and you can boast of following 1000 twitteraties but are you able to absorb all those feeds? Engaging is an art but do you have any clue that the 1000 people whom you have connected are actually conversing or are just bots. So trim your Twitter list of your connections either manually or use a free app Manual trimming will take time so why not give a try to ‘Manage Flitter-Twitter Account Management’.
Simple as it can be, connect your twitter account that you want to trim. We have connected our @LHInsights account and had some fun that we are sharing as screenshots with relevant details.
Connect Twitter A/C
UI is simple and easy to access. Four main tabs out of which ‘UnFollow’ is free. ‘Follow’ and ‘Track’ are paid/pro services. ‘Dashboard’ is neat and allows you to backup your connections and some features are pro in it.
‘Unfollow’ lists all the twiteraties with whom you have connected but they are not following you. So you can have a look and unfollow people who are just increasing your count.
Unfollow Screen
‘No Profile Image’ provides a list of twiteraties who don’t have a profile picture. A profile picture is taken seriously with fellow twiteraties so try to use a decent one.
No Profile Image Twiteraties
’Inactive’ is a quite useful list that displays people whom you follow and have not posted for 30 days. In this case, unfollowing them is a wise choice, unless they are your lazy friends.
Inactive Twiteraties
‘Talkative’ and ‘Quite’ is an interesting list. Talkative people love to post more than 5 tweets and Quite ones love to keep one tweet a day. It’s very difficult to answer this question, “How many tweets we should tweet in a day”. Our answer would be making your tweets count. So if you love to follow a guy who tweets more than 5 times a day and is useful for you then go ahead. Think 140 words as a content and you will know what we are indicating to.
Talkative Twiteraties
Quiet Twiteraties


‘BioSearch’ and ‘Tweet Search’ are useful search that is provided to make your experience easy. Let’s say we search ‘social media’ as bio and Manage Flitter pulls up a list of people that have mentioned social media is their Bio(sigh! our list is full with that), similarly ‘Tweet search’ searches for a specific keyword in all your connection’s tweets.

Bio Search


Tweet Search
Some of the other small features that can’t be ignored are- how popular are your connections, who are your Followers, whom are you Following and who has Listed you. Fortunately ‘ManageFlitter’ doesn’t pop every now and then with requests to buy the pro service.
Are you aware of other interesting apps that trim your twitter connection list?
Do so share with us. In case you need any other app to be tested, feel free to drop in a line.(no, ManageFlitter isn’t paying us for this post!).