MakeMyTrip Books A Long Ad Film For Introducing Its New ‘Uncancel’ Feature

Leading online travel agency, MakeMyTrip has introduced Uncancel that lets users make the same trip they had cancelled, at a later point of time within the same initial budget. Here we look at the social media promotions by the brand


Internet companies need to be with the times. In an increasingly fast paced world, with even faster changing plans, one is often compelled to cancel trips or reschedule them at a cost. Come bad health or unforeseen situations, our travel plans always depend on lady luck, but that’s about to change now. Leading online travel agency, MakeMyTrip has introduced a first-of-its-kind feature that allows users to make the same trip they had cancelled, at a later point of time within the same initial budget.

Rightly named as ‘Uncancel’, the feature enables people to make their travel plans free from the fear of potential cancellations. The travel brand has ensured a good emotional campaign to promote their new feature. At the center of the campaign is a digital film titled ‘Uncancel – Will Karan get to meet his Dad?’ The ad film created by FCB Ulka features a 23-year-old Karan who is about to meet his dad for the first time and how a cancelled ticket does not foil his plans.

The long ad

The story is narrated by Karan who begins by talking about him meeting his dad for the first time and the early years of growing up in the absence of his dad. The story continues with the awkward questions on his dad he has had to answer all his life. We see the young man and his mother have a talk about his dad, while Karan gets impatient to know more. Encouraged by his mother, he plans to meet his dad and books his tickets on an impulse, only to cancel it later. What if dad isn’t ready to meet me? – he reasoned.

Meanwhile unknown to him, his mom and dad have had a talk about the father-son meeting. Karan gets a call from his dad one day, which makes him realise he has to make this trip after all.

The next two minutes of the film are dedicated to Karan being pleasantly surprised by the MakeMyTrip representative informing him about Uncancel feature, and the emotional meeting with his dad. The film ends with the super ‘Because some trips are more than just trips’ and a link to the website.

Uploaded on the 4th of March on the MakeMyTrip YouTube channel, the video has received over 1.2 million views till date. View are also being driven to the Uncancel website that houses the video and provides a detailed information on the feature and its Terms & Conditions.

Uncancel has been promoted through various online avenues, in addition to the ad film and related contests being shared via the social media properties of MakeMyTrip. Online influencers and travel bloggers have been included to spread the word in their community, while creating conversations around the campaign hashtag #Uncancel.

The targeted reach

Without a question, the ‘uncancel’ feature is a great boon to frequent as well as not-so-frequent travellers. A company release states that the feature was rolled out following consumer insights which pointed out a reluctance to book tickets due to extra cancellation charges if the need arises. Not wanting to lose out on potential customers, that as data said, was a substantial number, MakeMyTrip launched this new feature for hassle-free travel plans.

Borne out of consumer insights, Uncancel is a great tool but is the emotionally stirring campaign great too? The ad film does follow a popular trend with its long ad for the digital medium, but falls apart when it comes to branding. Storytelling is done beautifully but the brand push right in the middle of the film has been a big disappointment. Perhaps, the ad makers have also factored in viewers who usually skip long ads half way through. Besides, there is scope to further edit it into a good 3 minutes and still not lose any of its flavour or branding.

The contests to drive views and promote the feature do help make it the talking point on social. However reaching out to travel bloggers is a good way to tap into their extended community of travel enthusiasts and thus ensure a more targeted reach. It would be interesting to know the increase percentage in the number of bookings as well as ‘uncancellations’ arising from this campaign.