#DilHaiHindustani - MakeMyTrip Nails The Best Independence Day Digital Campaign

On the eve of Indian Independence Day, MakeMyTrip revisits the struggle of Independence with this brilliant visual storytelling campaign on digital


India is all set for the Independence Day weekend. 15th August, 1947 is the day when our country became free from  the British Empire after approximately 2 centuries. The day is special for every Indian and a time for festivities too.

On such a big occasion how can we ignore the brands, they have been active since the beginning of the week both offline as well as digital. From Independence day deals to online selfie competitions, every brand is trying to grab this opportunity to interact with fans under the sentiment of love for country, which is a great thing. However, one of India’s online travel company MakeMyTrip isn’t running just a selfie contest or asking what freedom means to its fans but has recreated the story of Indian Independence on digital.

The visual storytelling or #DilHaiHindustani has been recreated from the first struggle of Independence in 1857 to finally achieving Independence in 1947.

An appealing GIF being run as a promoted tweet grabbed my attention.

The link took me to a one page microsite that quite boldly in red screams about India’s journey towards Independence.

Scroll down and time moves back to 1857, the beginning of the Indian freedom movement which started from Barrackpore. The East India Company Army had issued cartridges laced with beef and pork fat that had to be bitten before use. This angered the soldiers and we saw Mangal Pandey planning a rebellion against the Company Army.

The rebellion was massacred by the British and Mangal was executed by them. The story moves ahead to 1915 in Mumbai as you scroll down, Gandhi arrives in India after his movement in South Africa.

The story moves ahead in time recollecting the bloody massacre at Jallianwala Bagh, the non-cooperation movement and Chandra Sekhar’s Kakori train robbery in 1925.

Moving forward we witness the death of Lala Lajpat Rai, Inquilab Zindabad slogans by Bhagat Singh in 1929 and the Quit India Movement in 1942.

The visual story ends with the final chapter of Jawaharlal Nehru hoisting the Indian flag at Red Fort on 15th August, 1947. But not before reminding us that the India-Pakistan partition before the Independence caused a million plus man slaughter due to communal riots.

MakeMyTrip has built interesting visual integrations on social media to promote its unique Independence day campaign. The brand is promoting its campaign with interesting visuals and engaging with Twitter quiz contests so that fans spend time going through the story and get more traffic to the microsite.

Additionally, MakeMyTrip is also showcasing historic places that have connection to the Independence struggle with then and now visuals. For instance the below tweets show the then and now visuals of  Sabarmati Ashram, Rumi Darwaza, Red Fort, among others.

With a day remaining, it looks like the brand will have some more touch points to get the buzz going for this amazing re-creation of India’s struggle for Indian Independence.

#DilHaiHindustani - a brilliant and unique campaign

The campaign is brilliant for its uniqueness in storytelling, the graphics and sound effects that not only recreate the past but also keep you engrossed, as if you were reading your favourite super hero comic book. Talking about superheros, our freedom fighters were no less than an imagined Spiderman or Superman. But I’m a little disappointed that Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose finds no mention in this story of Indian Independence.

Social media promotions are interesting to get the word out and the fine touch points on the microsite with the company blog is smart. For instance if the story is talking about a struggle in Delhi then at the top end corner you have a text with hyperlink - Visit Delhi. Click on it and you have all the details about Delhi then and now. A clever content integration for a travel brand.

Last but not the least, MakeMyTrip’s genuine effort will once again remind us about the struggle and what many had to sacrifice to achieve Independence.