MakeMyTrip’s Rebranding Campaign ‘Dil Toh Roaming Hai’ Needs More ‘Dil’ On Digital

Online travel company, MakeMyTrip has repositioned with a new tagline '#DilTohRoamingHai', but the digital leg of the rebranding exercise is only a silly quiz contest to boost TVC views

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MakeMyTrip, one of the country’s largest online travel company, with a 47 percent market share, is planning to own the category of travel in India. The company wants to be your travel partner fuelling every ambitious travel plan on your “100 places to visit before I die” list. For this MakeMyTrip has repositioned itself from ‘Memories Unlimited’ to ‘Dil Toh Roaming Hai’, its new tagline in response to changing consumer culture.

Following qualitative research over the last few years, the travel company found that travel is no longer an annual event and MakeMyTrip wanted to leverage that to its advantage. The new brand positioning includes a new logo, in addition to the new tagline.

The press statement highlights that a 5-week marketing campaign covering TV, print, radio and digital media has been launched. It will use also the ongoing IPL to promote the new brand positioning.

For ‘Dil Toh Roaming Hai’, its new agency, Publicis Capital has conceptualised a 1-minute film that shows four little happy traveller stories. The most striking part of this ad is the voiceover by actor Naseeruddin Shah!

The first story is of a man and a woman sailing across a breathtakingly beautiful river, enjoying each other’s company. The second is about a son who fulfils his dream of making his mother feel the falling snowflakes. The other two show a woman joining her kids in the swimming pool, despite being full clothed, and a new couple.

On the digital front, the online travel brand is creating buzz about its new tagline. The hashtag  #DilTohRoamingHai forms the main crux of its content pieces. A quiz contest was launched on Twitter through which the brand ensured that nobody missed even the minutest details in the ad. Twitter users were asked to complete the ad lyrics or answer questions that required one to just watch the ad all over again. Gratification was in the form of brand vouchers worth INR 10K.

Social media was also used for sharing what happened at the company’s offices during the big announcement. These guys did a flash mob and all, complete with confetti falling from the top floor. This MakeMyTrip blog post has further dope on it. The blog also has a quiz that helps you find out ‘how roaming is your dil?‘

#DilTohRoamingHai lekin online nahi hai!

The ad is as beautiful and picturesque as it can get, the soulful lyrics give new meaning to happiness when expressed by Naseeruddin. The new positioning is near perfect to what an online travel business should be - an enabler of peoples’ holiday wishes. Unfortunately, the efforts on digital do not match with the new positioning. All it has in the name of social media engagement is a quiz contest to ensure everybody watches every minute detail in the ad and boosts views!

The core idea of encouraging consumers’ travel plans is missing. For an online travel company that has repositioned itself in response to changing consumer culture, MakeMyTrip could do a lot more on digital for #DilTohRoamingHai. Consumers are no more bought by brand ads, but by stories of real passion that flow along the social internet. The tagline could be brought alive by teaming up with passionate travellers whose heart is always set on the next vacation.

MakeMyTrip needs to focus on showcasing real stories of real travellers, for the true essence of ‘Dil Toh Roaming Hai’ to trickle down our social networks. Hopefully, we should be seeing this with the Rs 80 crore advertising budget set this year.