MakeMyTrip Careers Soars Up Engagement On Facebook

A look at how MakeMyTrip careers Facebook page managed to gain some excellent engagement

MakeMyTrip Careers Facebook page that focuses on careers in MakeMyTrip has scored tremendous engagement from the last few posts.

The Facebook page that was opened last year during the month of June has a fan following of more than 800 fans. The page which had seen decent activity from some time witnessed engagement rates soaring up extensively. The engagement score provided by Unmetric, a social media monitoring product shows that the brand had touched an engagement score more than 3000 for one of their posts!

Facebook posts that soared the engagement

1. June 29th Facebook post: The June 29th post that was posted by the page admin was a one liner but was able to achieve an engagement score of 3028. The post that scored the maximum engagement was about a work from home opportunity for female candidates. The below screen grab gives a glimpse of the post.

makemytrip facebook page

The above post also achieved some mind blowing numbers. The below screen grab says it all:

makemytrip facebook content

2. July 11th Facebook post: MakeMyTrip page posted a second post related to the first one on July 11th. The content of the post was similar to the earlier post except that it highlighted the fact that the “Work From Home” opportunity is still open. The smart move from the brand paid off and it again achieved some great numbers but not as on June 29th.

makemytrip facebook post2

3. July 16th Facebook post: The last post on the page by the brand was on July 16th and it was an article from Economic Times. The post talked about the current news where the company was rated as the 4th best place to work for employees. It goes without saying that the post also got decent engagement score. The below screen grab again says it all:

makemytrip facebook post2

Takeaways for SMEs

The above content posted by MakeMyTrip Careers page on Facebook had some interesting things and I believe that it could help SME’s to understand the nitty-gritty of what clicks with the fans on Facebook. The takeaways are listed below:

1. Sharing Content aligned to objective: The Facebook brand page is to inform about career opportunities of MakeMyTrip and create a community around it. The post that got the maximum engagement was about a job opportunity and that is why people have followed the page. Besides that the page has always soared engagement when the content has either spoken about career opportunities or content related to it.

Content is the most important thing in social media and SME’s should hold it dear so that it is not spoiled by random Cricket and Bollywood updates.

2. Pictures work better on Facebook: The posts that got the maximum engagement had an image attached to it. We all are aware that a picture says a thousand words and the same applies strongly to Facebook. So make sure, you attach images with posts but avoid putting random pictures and try to mix it well with other content.

3. Crisp status messages do the work: Short and crisp messages have a upper hand on a long status updates. Same holds true again with the posts that scored maximum engagement.

I am myself guilty of long updates on my Facebook page but my advice would be that the content being shared should be complete and understandable. If that could be done in one line then great otherwise make sure that the message is clear.

4. Resolving queries with fans: Resolving queries of your fans is a must and the page admin know it very well.  The June 29th post and July 11th post were the type of posts that were known to have doubts from fans. It was really good to see that the page admin taking the pain to resolve them.

Your page is built by real fans and as a page administrator it is your responsibility to answer all rational questions.

MakeMyTrip has achieved good numbers but it would be great if the page is more active on Facebook. Nevertheless, the team who handle the page should get all credit for achieving such huge score on Facebook.

So do you think you have takeaways from the MakeMyTrip Careers Facebook page and the content being shared by it?