Make Victory Wish Cards With LG QuickMemo On Facebook

by Vinaya Naidu on August 7, 2021

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The consumer durables brand, LG has launched a Facebook campaign where fans can create messages of encouragement called wish cards, to cheer for their country and win the latest Optimus smartphones.

LG’s latest set of Optimus smart phones are being promoted through a Facebook campaign where fans can create wish cards. These virtual wish cards you can make on Facebook are actually an emulation of a feature on LG mobiles called QuickMemo. It is a feature in which you can jot down notes or messages with your fingertips on any image on the screen.

To highlight this feature on their latest Optimus spartphones, the Facebook app called ‘Make a wish for victory’ has been designed similar to the QuickMemo feature, including similar colour and marker type options.

About the ‘Make a wish for victory’ app

The QuickMemo feature runs on an interesting and comprehensive Facebook app. The welcome page shows an animated snapshot of the fans that have sent wishes, the top 3 voted ones, the prizes, the rules and terms & conditions along with the wish card gallery.

You can begin by clicking the ‘Start QuickMemo’ button. An image of the LG smartphone is displayed along with some drawing tools. For the background image, you have an option to upload a photo from your computer, use your Facebook photos or select from preset background images.

After you select an image, you can move ahead to add text or draw using the marker tool with options to change colours and size. Don’t worry about messing up as there is an erase tool too.

Click ‘save the image’ once you are done. The app opens up your friends list to which you can then send invites and ask for votes.

You can see your wish card along with others’ cards in the wish card gallery and vote for them. You can also see your wish relay i.e. friends you have invited and your ranking. At present, there are 1287 wish cards in the gallery.

The interesting thing to note are the different ways of winning – The wish cards with the most votes will win LG Optimus mobile phones, the largest relay group i.e. friends invited will get a chance to win portable chargers and the ‘Luck by chance’ which is 12 portable chargers being awarded to the 100th right upto the 3000th wish card creator.

How good is the app?

Make your wish for victory app could be a complete website in itself. But it isn’t. The app packs in a whole gamut of things within it, that could have been designed much better. I don’t mean to say it was confusing or that it was not a smooth experience for me, but it could have definitely improved with a simpler and more compact design.

Although the different aspects to the contest have been well categorised and differentiated and also offers back and forth navigation, it comes across as too crowded and gives an illusion of being complicated at first.

An app needs to be simple and appealing before it can be exciting enough for a fan to give it a shot. From a massive fan base of nearly 956K, there are only 1287 wish cards in the gallery. Interestingly, the contest isn’t being promoted on the wall as other contests are being done.

Moreover, it is a ‘like’ campaign. You have to like the page before you can participate. So the brand better create a memorable experience for the fan and not rely on the range of prizes on offer that might perhaps work to pull the fans!

I liked the concept of the campaign but it fails to impress me in its execution. What do you think?

Vinaya Naidu

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