Mahindra’s Live Young, Live Free Garners 3 Million+ Views

About Mahindra Automotive’s latest campaign 'Live Young, Live Free' that features the auto brands range of SUVs and UVs. The video has garnered 3 Million+ views in a month


This year has seen many auto brand launches with more models slated to enter India in the coming years. We are also seeing an increasing trend in digital media spends to supplement other channels of communication. Therefore the time was ripe for an automotive brand to release a film featuring a range of its utility vehicles.

The New Mahindra Rise campaign ‘Live Young Live Free’ shot in the wetlands of Kerala amidst eight feet tall grass and the rugged terrains of Leh-Ladakh not only highlights the toughness of its SUVs and UVs ((Article source)), but also positions Mahindra as the vehicle for the free-spirited. The 2 minute film that has been uploaded on the newly launched brand channel of Mahindra Automotive has managed to hit more than 3 million eyeballs within a month. Here’s the YouTube video of the campaign:

As can be seen in the screenshot, the video has taken a steady northward route ever since it has been up on the 6th of November, with the first referrals coming from the Facebook page. Now Mahindra has a number of Facebook pages for each of its vehicles so the best I could find was this ‘Mahindra Adventure‘ Facebook page which has the video update on November 6.  That post has received more than 16K likes and also scores with 1285 shares and 435 comments.

Mahindra Live Young Live Free video stats

As per Vivek Nayer, senior vice-president, marketing, Mahindra Auto has more than 7 million Facebook fans across various brands, which could also mean that it the largest online community of automotive fans. So, releasing the film for this community prior to getting out a shorter version in a TVC makes up for great brand communication. While this helps spread a unifying message across all its consumer segments, it also adds on to the brand’s philosophy of the earlier Mahindra Rise campaign, inspiring people to rise.