Mahindra XUV500 Incredible Stories Contest At Indiblogger

A Review of the Mahindra XUV500 Incredible Stories Contest At Indiblogger, India's largest blogger community

Ever since it’s been raining contests at Indiblogger, India’s largest blogger community, the bloggers are seen having a merry time blogging away and winning exciting goodies like iPads and Kindles. Starting with Kissan this year, there have been many big brands like Expedia, Stayfree and now Mahindra jumping onto this train. And this is only March!

Presently, Mahindra is running the ‘Incredible Stories! Blogging contest where bloggers are invited to share an incredible experience they had while on a holiday or a road trip. So this gives you a chance to relive that wonderful adventure you had taken a few years back and take the efforts to blog about it. And who knows if you could win the grand prize, an Apple iPad2 or the runner’s up prizes, Mahindra Great Escape Holidays and Amazon Kindles. Do have a look at the Terms & Conditions though.

Mahindra XUV500 Contest at Indiblogger

The contest page states that all your entries must have a link to the Mahindra XUV500 site. Well, this much brand promotion is fine. At least, Mahindra does not expect you to write a fictional account of a trip you have imagined on your own Mahindra XUV500, where you have to write about the wonderful features of the SUV. It is funny when a brand holds a contest like that, while launching a new product. I remember the Samsung Galaxy 750 tablet that had a blogging contest where contestants had to blog about the tablet after reading about it at the official site and the grand prize was the Galaxy tablet itself. But this would encourage only the tech bloggers to participate.

Again, the best part of the Indibloggers contest is the forum – a community that is constantly occupied in discussing all new contests, clarifying each and every doubt in the Terms & Conditions and giving tips to each other. I never give this a miss and would surely recommend anybody who is involved in creating online communities to watch this space. There is a ‘feeling of belongingness’, warm words of encouragement and not to forget some leg-pulling too! The moderator enters the forum whenever queries need to be answered and is always open to suggestions. Might sound old-fashioned but this is exactly how an online community should be and the very thing a brand must strive to create and capitalize upon.

There is no chance of biasness too, since votes do not matter; your stories are judged on creativity and originality alone. So don’t go on googling for ‘incredible stories’ and copy somebody else’s story!

So hurry up and send in your entries before the 9th of April 11:59 pm. Good Luck!

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