Mahindra Racing Is On a Facebook Hunt For 4 Faces To Represent Them At The Malaysian Grand Prix

Team Mahindra Racing, the first MotoGP team from India, is inviting 4 fans to represent them at the Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang through a Facebook contest.


Team Mahindra Racing, the first MotoGP team from India, is inviting 4 fans (2 boys and 2 girls) to represent them at the Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang to be held on the 21st of October, through a Facebook contest.

As the first Indian auto manufacturer to enter the MotoGP circuit, Mahindra Racing now enters the Moto3 class (Season 2012) with riders Danny Webb and Marcel Schrotter. And the team is on the lookout for 2 boys and 2 girls who would be the face of Mahindra Racing at the circuit. The hunt is on through a contest on its Facebook page.

The Facebook contest ‘Face of Mahindra Racing’ is currently in the second phase which is a voting phase, where 20 participants who have qualified from Round 1, are up for voting. Round 1 was a short listing phase which consisted of five multiple choice questions to be answered in the shortest time. Whereas Round 2 is based on the contestant’s answers to “I should be the Face of Mahindra Racing in Malaysia because…..” and the number of votes they gather.

Face of Mahindra Racing contest app

You can access the Face of Mahindra Racing contest through the Facebook app. Remember to ‘like’ the page to be eligible to enter, as the contest is exclusively open only for Mahindra Racing fans.

Phase 1 is over. Being on Phase 2, the contest now displays the Leaderboards containing the top 10 scorers, each of top 10 males and top 10 females. A click on the profile enables you to see their reasons for being the face of Mahindra Racing and if you like it, you can place your vote. Remember that you can only vote once each for the male and female participants from the Leaderboard.

At the bottom, you can ‘invite friends’ and read the Terms & Conditions too.

How cool is it?

Brands that involve their online communities to represent them in the offline world have surely got the social media equation right! I would vouch for any brand that does this and even more if they do it often. What better way to celebrate Mahindra Racing’s venture in to the Malaysian Grand Prix than to invite its Facebook fans through an exciting contest.

Besides, being a ‘like’ campaign, it will help build the Facebook community with relevant fans.

I’m impressed with the method of selection that leaves no room for bias and also helps the campaign gain maximum visibility. The talent round coupled with a voting round, together make for a good Facebook package. Besides, the app rewarded fans for sharing too by way of points. In round 1, sharing the app with 20 friends or more will add an extra 100 points to the participant’s score.

The app has a clean and neat layout with the Terms & conditions displayed within. The voting being restricted to one fan-one vote each for every participant, takes away all chances of votes getting rigged.

In ‘Face of Mahindra Racing in Malaysia’, the brand has pulled off a good campaign that will help build a community for the long run. What do you think?