Mahindra Mojo Makes An Impressive Debut On Digital With #BornForTheRoad

The flagship 300 cc tourer motorcycle launched last October is celebrating the spirit of riding with the MOJO Tribe anthem, while a choice of trails across the country serve to bond the tribe

“Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul,” an anonymous guy made a wise remark once. Those for whom the open roads come calling, it is the spirit of riding their two-wheelers through the wind that truly moves their souls. Diehard bikers are two-wheeled souls looking for nirvana on the roads. And, when there are more of their kinds, the ride becomes a collective quest. More like two-wheeled tribesmen.

A new campaign by Mahindra Mojo celebrates this love for riding along with your tribe. Mahindra Two Wheelers has now gone all guns with its stylish new advertising campaign, “Born for the Road,” for Mahindra MOJO, its flagship 300 cc tourer motorcycle launched last October.

Five years in the making, Mahindra MOJO has forged a sense of touring and brotherhood ever since its launch. ‘Born for the Road’ captures this very essence of touring together with a first of its kind film forming the heart of this campaign. The 3.25 minute film conceptualized and shot by Flying Cursor, the brand’s digital agency, is one epic journey featuring the Mojo tribe.

Flying Cursor reworked the lyrics of the anthem to romanticize the Mojo and the love for riding. A re-versioned edition of the iconic blues track, ‘Got My Mojo Workin’ has been released as the official Mojo Tribe Anthem and is also the soundtrack of the ad film. Shot across Rajasthan, the film has been directed by Littil Swayamp Paul while the song has been re-recorded by Blues Band Soulmate.

A tribe of five Mojo riders are seen chasing sunsets and racing the wind across deserts, roads while they leave destiny to plan their ride. A knife is rotated on a map, and the tribe chooses its next destination wherever the knife stops at. The film ends with, “Welcome to the Mojo Tribe.”

Being a member of the Mojo tribe means riding along with like-minded souls across trails. The company had organized its first ever jungle trail recently that saw the Mojo tribe ride across Chikmagluru, Madikeri and Masinagudi in the southern states of India. Along with an interactive session with renowned motorcycle journalist Navroze Contractor, the tribe was treated to a survival training workshop, a Do-it-yourself (DIY) session, and barbeque cook-outs too.

Registrations are now open for the Mountain trail, a 15-day road trip from Delhi to Chandigarh that will go through some of the toughest terrains and highest roads, covering over 2,700km across Manali, Leh, Kargil, Srinagar, Dharamsala. In the pipeline is the Coastal Trail which will ride through Mumbai, Goa and Mangalore and the Desert Trail, that will explore the Rann of Kutch and the Thar Desert.

On the digital front, a MOJO website serves as a one-stop destination for all aspiring touring enthusiasts and the MOJO tribe. Apart from virtually exploring the MOJO in 360 degree and knowing all about it, one can also find a helpful buyer’s guide and all about the MOJO tribe and trail calendar. ‘Trail Stories’ on the website houses personal stories shared by the tribe, while a forum aids discussion of related topics.

Additionally, a MOJO app has also been built for the tribe; it lets one keep a tab on upcoming trails, create a new trail, read trail stories shared by the tribe or write their own. In short, it’s an encapsulated version of the website for your smartphone.

The social media properties of MOJO on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are a treat to watch with images of the trails, giving an idea of what it means to be a part of the MOJO tribe.

Well thought through end-to-end

The ad film truly embodies that life’s all about the journey and not the destination, it shows the world what it means to be ‘Born for the Road’, a feeling riding enthusiasts often identify with at a personal level. The soundtrack fits like a glove, and makes for a memorable watch. The campaign effectively establishes MOJO’s forefront position as a motorbike with long distance touring capabilities, and the trails across jungles, mountains, desserts and coastal areas only strengthen its proposition as a bike for any kind of terrain.

Additionally, the MOJO website and app provide a convenient way for the tribe to ride together as a community, and share their trail experiences with one another. It truly reflects the idea of brotherhood, a love for open roads and the spirit of being ‘Born for the Road.’

#BornForTheRoad, in a nutshell, is a well thought through campaign end-to-end that will help establish the Mahindra MOJO as a touring motorcycle, and build brand affinity in a market with several tourer bikes.