Mahendra Palsule On His Love For Blogging And How Social Media Has Delivered A Death Blow To Blogging

Mahendra Palsule about his love for blogging, how it has evolved, how social media has delivered a death blow to blogging and why blogging is not going anywhere


In the first part of the video interview with Mahendra Palsule, he spoke about his childhood, early love for computers and contributing to the popular Unleashed series. Mahendra, in the second part of the interview, talks about his love for blogging, how it has evolved and how blogging is not going anywhere even if platforms keep on changing.

Mahendra, who is the only editor from Asia for Techmeme – a world-renowned site aggregating tech news, shares that his love for writing has been since childhood and blogging provided bigger wings to his writing skills. He discovered blogging in 2005 but it was late 2006 when he developed the seriousness for regular blogging.

The chosen platform was WordPress due to its open source flexibility and thus started the evolution of his blog - An Unquiet Mind, where he blogs about arts, commerce, parenting, philosophy, religion, poetry, cinema, among other various topics. “I have tried to share my opinion on every subject under the roof. The extent of my writing had no boundaries for my close knit and small community of bloggers in the day when there was no Facebook and Twitter,” recollects Mahendra.

Besides he has another blog - Skeptic Geek which is on analyzing trends in the technology and social web space.

Social media has delivered a death blow to blogging.

Mahendra also shares his thoughts on how blogs were promoted with the help of blog rolls and comments. “The blog roll was very important thing in those days. For your blog to be featured on someone’s blog roll was a badge of honour and at the same time it was exciting too,” he adds on the importance of a blog roll then,

Besides he thinks that social media has delivered a death blow to blogging because the attention economy has severely reduced. “Today while you are reading a blog, your attention is divided by a WhatsApp message, three notifications of your Facebook last post and another four replies on Twitter. So forget about commenting you may not be able to read the post since the attention is shredded. The era of blogging is gone.”

However he believes that blogging as a form would not die in the future but platforms may change.

Click on the video to listen to Mahendra’s insightful thoughts on the blogging era that has gone past us.