Mahendra Palsule On Being A Tech Blogger, Life At Techmeme And His Love For Movies & Music

In the video interview Mahendra Palsule, editor at Techmeme shares how he left his job in IT, became a tech blogger and got an opportunity to work at Techmeme


In the first part of Conversations with Mahendra Palsule, the Techmeme editor talked about his childhood, early love for computers and contributing to the popular Unleashed series. In the second part of the interview, he talked about his love for blogging, how it has evolved and how blogging is not going anywhere even if platforms keep on changing.

In this last part Mahendra, the only editor from Asia for Techmeme – a world-renowned site aggregating tech news, shares how he left his job in IT to become a tech blogger and got the opportunity to work at Techmeme.

He talks about his news hound behavior that helped him to keep up with the pace at Techmeme. Sharing his thoughts on the tech reporting space in India, he thinks it is very nascent; the readers are not yet matured so the industry is taking its own time.

Apart from his professional life, Mahendra has a very keen interest in movies and music. While he loves to enjoy movies in his own space, music is his religion. The trained tabla and harmonium player has an interest in western classical music  and would like to create compositions in the future.

Writing a book is on the cards but he would like to give his time to entrepreneurs and even plans to support startups with angel investment. He already has a small stake in an Indian startup.

The twenty-three minute long video is a delight to watch and listen to Mahendra speaking from his heart.