Why This Premium Ice Cream Brand Is Urging Consumers To Get #LostInPleasure

A look at how Magnum ice creams is using digital and social media to shift its brand proposition from royalty to pleasure, with pleasure ambassador Kareena Kapoor

The premium ice cream brand from Hindustan Unilever, Magnum has been building its image little by little with the power of storytelling. At a premium price of Rs. 85 for a Magnum stick, the brand launched in India with a premium positioning that made a consumer feel like royalty. But Magnum is now telling the consumer to get ‘lost in pleasure’, shifting the mood from royalty to pleasure.

Brand ambassador or rather pleasure ambassador Kareena Kapoor Khan has been roped in to urge consumers to get #LostinPleasure through a selfie campaign. The month-long contest is asking people to send in their selfies with a Magnum ice cream stick in hand, and a creative reason to why Magnum gets them lost in pleasure.

The top 5 most creative and good looking selfies shall win a chance to meet Kareena and take a Selfie with her. The Selfie of the winners with Kareena shall also be featured in the Times city editions.

A dedicated microsite has been created for the selfie campaign. Powered by Facebook and Twitter logins, the microsite serves to share your entries as well as showcase all the submitted entries in the gallery section. The Magnum India Facebook and Twitter pages are busy promoting the contest with interesting visuals.

On the digital storytelling front, Magnum has been making a gradual move towards pleasurable consumption. The shift towards pleasure began when Magnum asked a group of women what pleasure meant to them.

While they were offered their idea of pleasure be it a day at the spa or unlimited shopping, they were put through the Magnum Pleasure test that required them to choose between Magnum or their idea of pleasure, after having tasted a little of it.. Understandably, all resistance failed while Magnum scored on the test.

A series of videos tell the story of pleasure ambassador Kareena Kapoor’s failed attempts at clicking the perfect Magnum selfie, as she is too engrossed in enjoying it than focusing on her phone camera. Here’s a video on attempt no. 16 where Kareena fails again, leaving the crew very frustrated:

A 2-minute film depicts the failed attempts so far where every time the crew has had to innovate the set for Kareena so that she isn’t lost in pleasure, and can concentrate on the task at hand. But, does Kareena manage to get the perfect Magnum selfie? Watch the video to find out:

Digital storytelling

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million! In this age of digital consumption, telling a brand story through videos has several benefits. Firstly, the storytelling is continuous due to the nature of the video medium, and secondly it has audio-visual appeal unmatched by other forms of content.

The shift from royalty to pleasure has been a gradual one for Magnum, yet it does not take away from treating a consumer like royalty. However, it does take away from the premium proposition the brand had built by bringing this selfie campaign targeted to the social media masses. More luxury brands moving onto mass targeted campaigns on social media powered by a Bollywood celebrity, speaks of a shift towards social media and its potential in building the brand voice.

Analysts have predicted that the roll out of Magnum across markets is expected to trigger a spate of launches by rivals at the premium end of the category. But with this new positioning and digital reach out, will the world’s largest-selling stick variety shake up Amul - that has 40-45 percent of the organized ice cream market in India?

Nevertheless, emphasizing the pleasure benefits of the product has been executed well with the help of short videos, and is always a notch above the regular 30-second TVC. Digital has been executed effectively to meet its positioning objective, will this also drive sales is something to wait and watch.