Maggi Says #WeMissYouToo In Three Short Videos, Lest We Forget

Maggi isn't on shelves as yet, but the noodle brand from Nestle is well on its way to making a comeback with this high-on-emotion video series dedicated to fans

There may be no Maggi packs available at our local grocery store anymore, but that does not mean we have forgotten our favourite instant noodle brand. The quick and tasty noodle is every hostel boy or girl’s favourite comfort food. There was a time, many years ago, when it came to the rescue of many an Indian mother looking to quell those 4 pm hunger pangs of her kids.

Maggi is almost synonymous with noodles anywhere you travel in India. Maggi is on the menu in almost all school and college canteens. Maggi is a quick fix for many bachelors in the city. In fact, Maggi is so much loved in India that despite the noodle facing a ban in the country, its diehard fans never missed a day to express their love for their beloved noodle brand on social media.

Taking a cue from this, Nestle India has rolled out a series of three short films hashtagged #WeMissYouToo dedicated to all the fans who supported and stood by the brand. There’s a Maggi fanboy in each of the videos, who badly misses his favourite noodle and makes a plea to Maggi, as if it were his long lost friend – “Come back, man!”, “Ab a bhi jao”, “kab wapas aayega yaar?”

In ‘Menu Cards’, this guy is absolutely depressed with having to order from restaurants, ever since Maggi isn’t on shelves:


In ‘Mom’, this guy was proud he never disturbed his mother when he was hungry. But, now he has no option:


In ‘Neighbours’ (the funniest of the lot), this guy confesses that he never bothered about his sweet neighbours earlier. But now he is forced to make eye contact with them and be friendly:


On June 5, Maggi was asked to withdraw all its variants following a Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) order, that accused the noodles of having lead and MSG above permissible limits. Nestle had moved the High Court saying that the MSG is from naturally occurring sources and that lead was well within the permissible limit.

While tons of noodle packets were recalled from all parts of the country and burnt, the case went on. Right now, the ban has been set aside by the court on August 13, but it has asked Maggi to undergo a retest at labs certified by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration. Maggi has 6-weeks to prove it is safe for human consumption.

#WeMissYouToo - a brave comeback

Confident that it will pass the retest, Brand Maggi’s #WeMissYouToo is a brave comeback campaign. In fact its social media pages have been regularly updating about its ban status. And now these tribute videos dedicated to fans.

Speaking about the campaign, the company stated that these short films reflect the spontaneity and affection between the consumers and Maggi. “We are making efforts to get Maggi Noodles back on the shelves and have been overwhelmed by the messages of love and support that we receive each day”, a company spokesperson said in the press release. The films have been made by McCann WorldGroup India, even though Publicis India is the official creative agency for Maggi, the statement informs.

Apparently, the court setting aside the ban is a big relief, however short term. Maggi is all geared up to stay put on consumers’ minds, if not on our shelves (as yet). Even as it faces a Rs 640 crore class-action suit filed by the consumer affairs ministry recently on behalf of Indian consumers for having misled them that it is a healthy food.