Maggi Oats Noodles Pushing Hard To Make #HealthIsEnjoyable

Maggi Oats noodles' new TVC crosses 1.5M views, we look at the instant noodle brand's social media activities to promote that health is enjoyable

Maggi oats Facebook

All is not well with the instant noodle brand, Maggi from Nestle. The noodles that was spreading khushiyan for more than three decades in the country, is now losing its market share to newer players in the same category and more healthier options.

Earlier it battled to maintain its monopoly in the instant noodles market, a space fast being captured by Knorr from HUL and Yippie from ITC. Later it had to deal with the rise in health conscious consumers in India. Maggi noodles slowly lost its charm as a quick and tasty convenience food with mothers getting wary of its ingredients. Maggi was looked at as a junk food which is unhealthy, low in nutrition and high in salt, MSG and fat.

The brand then introduced variants made of wheat flour and multi grains called Maggi Veg Atta noodles and roped in one of India’s most loved actress, Madhuri Dixit Nene, also a mother, to convince Indians that health can be enjoyable too. The campaign hashtagged #HealthisEnjoyable had her talking about the grain shakti and power of 3 rotis in the TVC, but viewers seem unconvinced. The Economic Times reports that these variants did not see any significant traction despite being pushed as healthy snacks.

Maggi has now introduced the Maggi Oats noodles in a bid to rejuvenate its ‘health is enjoyable’ proposition and as a tasty breakfast option. Despite the growing popularity of oats as a healthy cereal, it is still not widely consumed. As per a study by Nielsen, 44% of people aware of oats did not consume it, given their preference for taste.

Maggi Oats noodles is now looking to capture this consumer segment by offering them the health benefits of oats as well as the taste of their favourite Maggi noodles.

In the minute-long ad film executed by Publicis, a very exuberant Madhuri is seen waking up her kids and husband and urging them to join her in aerobics. While the family is exhausted after a good session of dance aerobics, she suggests some healthy breakfast with ‘mazedaar’ oats. Her kids are surprised at hearing oats and mazedaar in the same line.

Madhuri then brings a large bowl of Maggi Oats Noodles to the breakfast table, and the kids are excited to have this new Oats version. She describes the goodness of the new product by talking about the fibre, vegetables and the taste of Maggi it brings. A text blurb flashes #HealthIsEnjoyable.

Uploaded on July 31 on Maggi’s YouTube channel, the video has garnered more than 1.5 million views and is being promoted through the brand’s social media channels. Starting with a teaser, Maggi’s Facebook and Twitter pages shared visuals depicting its health and taste benefits. It hosted a ‘Maggi breakfast selfie’ contest where winners received a month long supply of Maggi Oats Noodles.

Maggi breakfast selfie contest

A contest on Twitter further added to fan engagement while associating mornings as enjoyable. Every hour the brand put up a situation and invited witty answers; five best answers won gift vouchers. Situations involved real people who needed ideas to make their mornings enjoyable. Vine videos were shared later which featured the person working on the user suggestions.

The magic of Oats and Madhuri

Maggi noodles’ foray into the health food category needs a complete makeover. And oats could be the answer. While skeptics continue to point at the brand’s wheat flour variant as a deception, the instant noodles brand is forging its way ahead with the oats variant. Maggi Oats noodles does sound like a healthy breakfast option, given the ‘oats’ in it. However, it remains to be seen whether health conscious families would ditch their favourite cornflakes and muesli for Maggi oats noodles.

The choice of a popular character like Madhuri, who is a mother herself, further adds to the communication. Social media engagement with selfie contest might be overdone, but the prize as the product itself, is a good way to get people taste the new. The Vine videos do help associate mornings with health and exercise, but could have been executed better.

However, sales by the end of this year would determine whether Maggi’s #HealthIsEnjoyable has really paid off.