Maggi Goes Back In Time To Remind Us That There’s #NothingLikeMaggi

Maggi's comeback campaign is in its third phase with the rollout of #NothingLikeMaggi, a video series that plays on nostalgia. The mom, the hostel guys, the only Maggi papa have all returned from history


Last year was the most defining year for Maggi, the country’s most popular brand of noodles from Nestle. It faced a nationwide ban for having lead and monosodium glutamate above permissible limits. While the instant noodles brand reported losses like never before, it also kept at proving that it’s safe for human consumption to the food authorities, and running campaigns one after another, lest we forget our favourite noodles!

Regaining consumer trust is an uphill task, especially when a brand is battling an air of ‘negativity’ and ‘fear’ around it., but Maggi seems to have played to its strength. It has been rolling out films systematically in each phase of this difficult ‘damage recovery’ stage. And, it has also ensured to address varied consumer segments in its video series – young boys and girls living in hostels, bachelor pads, dhabawalas, and of course, moms too!

When Maggi wasn’t on shelves, there was #WeMissYouToo  – a series of short films dedicated to all the fans who supported and stood by the brand. There was a Maggi fanboy/fangirl in each of the videos, and they are seen making a plea to Maggi, as if it were their long lost friend – “Come back, man!”, “Ab a bhi jao”, “kab wapas aayega yaar?”, “We miss you Maggi“. When Maggi cleared tests successfully, and began to be available on Snapdeal, there was #WelcomeBackMaggi another video-driven series designed to celebrate the homecoming of Indian consumers’ favourite noodles.

And, now its #NothingLikeMaggi, a video series that plays on nostalgia. The mom, the hostel guys, the papa who only knows to cook Maggi have all returned from history, to remind viewers that there’s ‘nothing like Maggi’. The ad, the jingle, the setting has been carefully chosen for each of the three films, and celebrates the good old spirit of Maggi, two minutes and people-bonding.

‘Mom’ stars yesteryear actress Deepti Naval as the typical loving mom whose kids only look forward to her yummy food. The ad begins with her two kids – a sister and a brother – returning home from their hostels. The duo is over the top in their excitement of being home, and their hunger knows no ‘long wait’. They jump out of the taxi, run over to their house, in between of some mischievous brother-sister banter along the way, and rush inside the home.

No sooner have the two seen their mother, that they begin to complain about their unbearable hunger pangs, and don’t pay heed to her questions at all. The daughter gives her two Maggi packets, the son says, “2 minutes’ and the mom has no choice than to adhere to their demands. There’s the old jingle too – “Maggi, Maggi, Maggi!”

‘Papa’ features a dad who wants to impress his wife and daughter with his Maggi making skills, that are still intact. But, the females of the house aren’t confident with him in the kitchen. The two are seated at the dining table as ‘papa’ prepares Maggi and continues to talk loudly, by which you know he hardly ever visits the kitchen.

But what comes to the table at the end is very yummy, Papa is pleased with his cooking and gives himself a pat on the back. Slurping away the delicious noodles, the daughter quickly pours cold water over his joy and pride, “it’s not you Papa, it’s Maggi”.

‘Hostel’, as the name suggests, is full of nostalgic air. Three middle-aged guys barge into a hostel room occupied by two students, and are delighted to see the same setting – the same fan, the same wardrobe, the same bed, etc. As they make themselves comfortable, there’s a fight as to who’ll make the Maggi, the good work is assigned to the same guy who always ‘made the Maggi’.

When he asks the student for a pan, (they still haven’t introduced themselves as yet!) the boy demands an introduction. The moment they say ’97 Batch’, all hell breaks loose, and he runs to get more hostel mates. They are all seen making the Maggi together, cutting the vegetables on the floor, cooking on an induction cooker, just like in a hostel.

Here’s an adorable Valentine’s Day Maggi love visual:

Smart. Relevant. Phased-approach

Maggi had been hit hard by the ban last year. While it was off the shelves, other brands happily took over; but Maggi is fighting its way back to its earlier market position and back to our hearts. The video-driven campaigns are based on stories that are highly relatable and evoke emotions of longing for a loved one. The instant noodle brand has ensured a heavy brand recall all throughout its difficult journey.

#NothingLikeMaggi series is out at the right phase, and with the choice of Deepti Naval as the mom, the proud papa Maggi story, the hostel Maggi traditions story, the campaign leaves viewers with a nice nostalgic feel good emotion, which are great feelings to be associated with the brand. And for people growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, the ad jingle “Maggi, Maggi, Maggi” is a shot of pure nostalgia!

A smart, relevant, phased brand storytelling from Maggi. And if reports are to be believed, the agency specifically assigned for the brand re-launch campaign, McCann World Group  has cashed in Rs 10 crores for all this.