Mad Over Marketing - An Impressive Effort From Students!

About Mad Over Marketing, A Facebook community that curates marketing stories


Mad Over Marketing is a Facebook page that breathes about marketing. Run by a bunch of 5 people who started it as a small initiative, Mad Over Marketing now has more than 10,000 fans within 8 months.

Facebook is a home for millions of business pages all out there to communicate something or the other. Some are able to make a mark while many get washed away with time. Content is the big differentiator! In today’s times, either you produce good original content or curate it.

Mad over Marketing is doing the later. As the name goes, it is all about marketing that curates lovely marketing stories on Facebook along with being crowdsourced too. MOM was born over a college fest and the intention was to generate marketing interest amongst students. Later on MOM was launched on Facebook in January, 2012 and the site has grown from sheer word of mouth.

“M.O.M to us is not just any page that we maintain to garner popularity and ‘likes’. If we view it in the present state, it has become part and parcel of what and who we are. The success of M.O.M can very well be attributed to the simple reason that we, as representatives of today’s youth can easily connect to their psyche and strike the right chord of interest”, says Umang Sonthalia, one of the brains behind the MOM initiative.

mad over marketing on facebook

When I first spoke to Umang, I wasn’t that keen to cover it since I was wondering how this fits within our objective. However, over the course of  time, I was impressed by two factors – 1) Smart content and 2) dedicated initiative by students at MOM.

Umang further shared with me that a lot of brainstorming goes on before they post any content and that they have restrained themselves from cheap ways of promoting their page.

“We have never ever tried to impose ourselves on people by spamming their mailboxes or posting the link to our page on various forums or their walls. It’s been more of a give and take endeavor where we provide the right material and our fans provide the right response. It is this dictum that we wish to abide by and if people do like what we do, they are welcome to ‘like’ our page and follow it.”

A great message for those people who try all kinds of tactics only to fetch mere likes. The hard work is paying off surely and the community is growing in leaps and bounds. Within a span of 8 months, the page has more than 10,000 fans already without a penny being spent on any form of advertisement.

“The popularity of Facebook does no doubt provide a tremendous boost to the reach of the page but then it’s the content which matters most. Investing in Facebook ads is something we are yet to consider, as being students and currently separated by distance and schedules, co-ordination at times proves to be very difficult”, added Umang.

Content is the differentiator and curating which might seem to be an easy job initially but sticking to the niche without being monotonous is the challenge. However, the elegant mix of brains is keeping MOM alive.

Along with Umang (The Tech Guy), there are 4 more people associated with MOM. Snehal Kanodia is ‘The Creative Whiz’ of the group, Wamika Mimani, a student of IIM Lucknow is ’The Serious Strategizer’, Siddhant More, studying at XLRI, Jamshedpur is the ‘Calm Resource Guy’ and Nikhil Daga who is pursuing his MBA at IIM Kozhikode, is the brian behind the appealing captions and status updates put up on the page.

However, Umang and his team attribute the entire success to their community – “We are there for them, than they being for us. They have been very supportive with their comments on the page, always! It’s been their word of mouth which has worked for us. We just happened to create a page and now it’s them who are running it.”

If you add value to people’s lives, then they will join you and support you till the time you are with them. These marketing students have learnt this lesson very early in life when everything today is about being social and human. And if you wish to start something on social then you must read what these guys at MOM believe:

If you want your endeavor to succeed, make the customer the king of your destiny.