Maaza, Slice Or Frooti, Who Won On Digital?

Analyzing the digital and social media marketing efforts of the country's top three mango drink brands - Maaza, Slice and Frooti

Frooti Life

India can pride itself on being the world’s largest exporter of mangoes. But most Indians are deprived of this king of fruits, thanks to the ever rising prices every summer. Fortunately for them, there are a variety of mango drinks in the market that are not only second best to real mangoes but also cheaper. The ones that dominate the mango drinks market in India – Coca cola’s Maaza, PepsiCo’s Slice and Parle Agro’s Frooti – are also competing to gain the larger share.

Maaza is undoubtedly the market leader and probably the most loved brand in the country. An Economics Times report states that Maaza enjoys 40% of the market share in the packaged mango drinks market, while Slice is at second position with 20%, which is half of Maaza’s share. Frooti is at 15%, which means even if it were to merge with Slice, the sum would still be lesser than Maaza’s share. An earlier ET report states that Maaza had a 37% market share followed by Slice at 22% and Frooti at 13%, which means Slice went down while Maaza and Frooti grew their market share.

While advertising plays a major role in creating brand recall, distribution and packaging ultimately decide the sales. There have been quite a few changes in branding. Pepsico has merged Slice with its juice brand Tropicana to be now called Slice Tropicana. The brand would now try to appeal to a health conscious consumer, though its advertising still rides on the seductive appeal of Bollywood actress and brand ambassador, Katrina Kaif. On the other hand, Maaza and Frooti, both underwent a change in visual identity and logo this year.

So what are the top three up to on digital?

Slice is now Tropicana Slice Alphonso

Right when the temperatures began soaring, Tropicana Slice rolled out its TVC featuring Katrina Kaif and a new entrant, actor Aditya Roy Kapur, in which Aditya owns a mango farm and Katrina wants to steal mangoes from there. The 40-second TVC created by JWT India ends with Katrina escaping with the Tropicana Slice Alphonso bottle, which is as good as any real mango for a diehard mango fanatic like her.

The digital extension of the campaign was just average. The brand ran a 4-day #KingOfMangoes Treasure Hunt contest on social media with the grand prize of a date with Katrina. Fans across Facebook and Twitter had to follow the brand’s social media pages respectively and answer six questions relating to the new TVC using the campaign hashtag. The clues to the questions were hidden in the brand’s Facebook timeline. Read full campaign coverage “The New Tropicana Slice Alphonso Digital Launch Could Do Better With Mango Stories“.

Maaza is ‘Har Mausam Aam’

Maaza, the reigning market leader stuck to its longstanding brand promise ‘Har Mausam Aam’ but got rid of its brand ambassadors – young actors, Parineeti Chopra and Imran Khan. This year it roped in actor Varun Dhawan and Gulshan Grover in a TVC highly inspired by formulaic Bollywood films where the hero always manages to outsmart the villain.

The 30-second TVC created by Leo Burnett features Gulshan as a crazy mango lover named ‘Jango Mango’ who wants to relish on mangoes this season as they’ll not be available after that. Varun introduces him to Maaza, while teasing him that the mango drink is available round the year.

The launch on digital was quite unimaginative; it followed the regular steps that were the trend in 2011. Creating some social media buzz on Facebook and Twitter with one insignificant post and asking your community to guess who’s on the blurred visual. Launching the TVC and then boosting views with a Twitter contest that gave away product hampers. Read full campaign coverage “Maaza Could Squeeze In Some Creative Juice In Its Latest Ad Campaign“.

Frooti goes ‘aam suckita..lickita..enjoyita’

Frooti managed to rake in the views with its heavy spends and creative approach to rebranding. With Rs 70 crores invested across marketing channels, the mango drink brand from Parle Agro embarked on an aggressive high-visibility campaign. The brand that appealed to kids, wanted to make it appealing to other age groups as well. After its break up with its creative agency Creativeland Asia, Frooti looked to foreign shores.

Along with a new logo created by Pentagram, Frooti also got creative agency Sagmeister & Walsh to create a 50-second stop motion animation featuring miniature characters much like the ones in Gulliver’s travels. These little characters are seen trying to move a giant mango by all possible means when they finally realise that when they speak together, it moves by itself and finally gets inside the Frooti bottle.

The bottle is inside the shopping bag of brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan. Lyrics are meaningless with derived words like ‘aam suckita..lickita..enjoyita’.

The TVC led viewers to a cheerful microsite called ‘The Frooti Life‘ that gave them a taste of the new Frooti Life. It features the TVC, the Frooti story, summer recipes using Frooti, games, and more. One can download the new Frooti ringtone as well as see the making of the TVC with the miniature characters.

On the social media front, Frooti created high visibility through its bright visuals, gifs and social engagement tactics. A Promoted Trend ‘#TheFrootiLife’ was run on the day of the TVC launch, while apart from sharing the TVC, social buzz was created by the Twitter handle. Frooti asked people on Twitter to tell them about a friend who’s having a bad day, and promised to cheer that person up with a taste of the new #TheFrootiLife. It replied with interesting little gifs.

Frooti managed to build relevant conversations on social media and also sent cartons of the new Frooti to influencers. Read full campaign coverage “The Only Thing Missing In Frooti’s Rebranding Exercise Is A Good Story“.

Frooti wins the digital turf

Comparably, Parle Agro’s Frooti wins on digital. Apparently, the lesser the market share, the more aggressive is its campaigning. The stop motion commercial, the clever conversations on Twitter and the interesting visuals make for a good taste of The Frooti Life. Although, it lacks a strong thread of storytelling tying up the rebranding exercise, it has managed to create a decent buzz on social media, something that was marked with creativity and clever engagement.

Slice or rather Tropicana Slice has had better digital campaigns earlier but this time the brand has opted for a low budget summer campaign. PepsiCo might altogether drop this brand as there is also a mango juice available in Tropicana, creating a conflict in consumers. Maaza, on the other hand, hopes to keep up its brand promise of ‘all season mangoes’ with its mediocre efforts on digital. This Coca-Cola brand is sure enjoying its lion’s share of the mango drinks market.