Maaza Could Squeeze In Some Creative Juice In Its Latest Ad Campaign

Maaza has launched its latest 'Har Mausam Aam' ad with new brand ambassadors in typical Bollywood style TVC, but the social media buzz lacks imagination

It’s the season of mangoes and every mango drink brand worth its mango pulp is out with its summer campaign. Wooing Indians to relish the mango from their PET bottles and tetra packs, when there are really juicy mangoes all around, is a tough ask but these mango drink brands manage to do it every summer.

Coca Cola’s Maaza has launched a new TVC starring Bollywood actors, Varun Dhawan and Gulshan Grover, in what you have imagined rightly, as a typical Bollywood formula script. The brand is seeking to emphasize that Maaza is the key to ‘Har Mausam Aam’, the brand’s longstanding promise.

In the 30-second TVC, there is a hero and a villain played by Varun and Gulshan respectively. Varun the hero makes a dashing entry, breaking glass and all, into Gulshan’s den. While Varun mouths typical filmy dialogues as to how he is going to destroy Gulshan aka Jango Mango, he comes across Gulshan feasting on a plate of fresh cut mango slices. Jango Mango suggests Varun to park all fights for now, and relish real mangoes as they’ll not be available after this season.

Varun makes fun of him and pulls out a Maaza while telling him that Maaza can be enjoyed all year round. Jango Mango sips Maaza, falls in love with the taste but is left tied up with a rope, while Varun continues to relish Maaza.

Wooing mangaholics

The launch on digital followed the regular steps: a little buzz on social to pique curiosity prior to sharing the ad followed by a Twitter contest to boost views. Contest incentives can also be easily guessed - Maaza hampers!

Unimaginative and same old

Maaza does enjoy a larger share of the Indian mango drink market but that does not mean it launch the same old campaigns every year. In 2013, the brand launched its campaign in January and then in 2014, it launched in the month of May right before the onset of monsoons. With off season launches, Maaza wanted to make it clear that real mangoes can be enjoyed all year round and not just during the summer. The Coca Cola brand had roped in actors, Parineeti Chopra and Imran Khan for its interesting TVC but the launch on digital was just average. Read also: “Maaza’s Latest Har Mausam Aam Ad Creates A Buzz With #AamDiwana“.

This time around, the only difference is the brand faces - Parineeti and Imran have been replaced by Varun and Gulshan, adding a twist to the love story and creating a war story instead. But, the social media promotions are still the same, as it follows the same trend made popular in 2011. Create some social media buzz on Facebook and Twitter with one insignificant post and ask your community to guess who’s on the blurred visual. Launch the TVC and then boost views with a Twitter contest that gives away product hampers!

Coca Cola could infuse some new life into its ad campaigns for Maaza and look to engage consumers meaningfully. Else, it could risk losing consumer share to other aggressive and strategically marketed competitors. Frooti’s extensive rebranding campaign ‘The Frooti Life’ and Slice’s latest campaign, may have their faults but they are better than Maaza’s Har Mausam Aam campaign.