Luv4India Facebook App By Sony SABTV

Review of Luv4India, Facebook App developed By Sony SABTV on the eve of Republic day.

Marketers understand this very well - India breathes about religion and culture. So whether it is Diwali or occasions like Republic Day, we have seen brands try to design their marketing pitches around them. However some of them do stand apart. One I saw recently was the crew of Finnair dancing to the tunes of a Bollywood song and surprising their customers on Republic Day. The other exciting initiative shown is by Sony SAB TV that has developed a Facebook app called Luv4India.

Facebook App

Luv4India Facebook App:

If you click on the app, it drives you to the community page of Luv4India. You have to click on the page again so that it takes you finally to the Facebook app section. It is a long way to divert a fan from one page to the other which one may not be interested in and the other thing that I noticed was the lack of clear instruction. For example when you land on the Luv4India community page, nowhere on the page it is written where should one click. I would be surprised if the app developer was expecting the user to click anywhere. Not a smart way of thinking!

Landing Page

Before you move ahead, the app grabs some details from you such as the basic information along with your email id. The app also asks for the permission to post on your wall, grab insights from your page, etc. At first I was really not happy to see such a feature but then the app gave me a choice to skip the data that I was not happy to share. Cool effort!

Luv4India, is a tricolor app that asks you to tag yourself and share a message that makes you love your country.  Along with this, the app asks you to answer three questions about your country and depending on the answers, the app decides your “Luv 4 India” index too. Finally you will be a part of the app along with others who have used the app and shared their thoughts.

Questions for the Love 4 India index

My Thoughts:

1. The app has taken the simple aspect of tagging and asked you to show your love for your country. Apart from that the look is similar to the tricolor flag giving it the flavors of the Republic Day occasion.

2. The app is simple but bit complicated to use. For example when I was in the app for a second I was waiting that some button or pop up will come that would tell me to tag myself and fill the details. Well that was not the case and you have to be smart and look for yourself among all others in the app to complete the process.

3. “Luv 4 India Index” is a cool feature but then the functionality is in question. Out of three questions asked, I gave 2 positive responses and one negative. Result shown on the wall was ”I dislike my country” which is really very strange.

4. One thing that has been really good in this app is abiding the rules set for Facebook app development. At no time does the app post content without my consent. So that ‘s really good way otherwise most apps don’t bother to show what they are posting on your personal space.

Now if you ask me if it is a cool app? Well the answer is not at all. It is a simple app blended in the concept of love for your country timed right during the Republic Day.

Have you given a try to Luv4India Facebook app and does it really excite you to express your thoughts about your country. If you do so, then make sure that you post a nice thought about your country before 5th Feb, 2012 as you could be lucky enough to win a gift hamper from SAB TV.