Lufthansa India Engages Fans With The Network Challenge On Facebook

Review of Lufthansa India's Network Challenge On Facebook, where fans have to answer 40 questions about places and culture to win a flight to Europe, iPads and more


Lufthansa India, one of the leading European airlines in India is back again with another exciting campaign on Facebook. This time the airlines has thrown a ‘Network Challenge’ for its more than 358K fans on Facebook, enabling them to take off on a voyage of discovery with the help of their Facebook friends. The campaign spread over two months is awarding an economy class ticket to Europe for the grand prize winner!

In addition to the grand prize, there are daily, weekly and monthly prizes too. The monthly prize is an iPad, weekly prizes are Lufthansa Sports bottles and daily prizes are Lufthansa branded overnight bags and exclusive airfare discounts. Which means the Network Challenge will have 60 daily winners, 8 weekly winners and 2 monthly winners!

The Lufthansa Network Challenge

The challenge takes you across four zones – Mission Asia, Expedition Africa, Discover America and European Quest, with 10 questions on Lufthansa destinations in each zone. There are 4 ‘Boarding Passes’ or chances across the 4 zones in the game, where only one ‘Boarding Pass’ can be used for each wrong answer. Hosted on a Facebook app, designed and executed by digital agency MRM worldwide, you need to ‘like’ the page and register with your personal details, to get started with the game.


The challenge starts with Mission Asia where I had one minute to answer every question. Questions tested my knowledge of places and culture in Asia, along with the number of flights by Lufthansa on a specific route. Scoring is 1000 miles for every correct answer, 500 miles for each unused ‘Boarding Pass’ at the end of the game and 100 miles when you use ‘Ask a Friend’ lifeline and answer correctly.

The rules are simple: you lose one chance, if you fail to answer a question within a minute. After all 10 questions have been answered correctly, you will get a chance to attempt a Bonus ‘Double or Quits’ question. You have the option to either answer this question or skip it and move on to the next zone. If you choose this option and play, a correct answer will double your points. However a wrong answer will reduce your points to zero!

You can use the ‘Ask a Friend’ lifeline only once in every zone and one friend can answer only one question in a day. Once a friend has been selected for a question, that friend will be disabled for the rest of the questions for that particular day.

The app is an informative one with tabs for ‘how to play’, prizes, winners and the leaderboard. There is also an option for inviting your friends to the app and sharing it on your wall. Interestingly, there is an option to ‘save & exit’ from the game, which helps you to resume it at a later time too.

How cool is it?

People like to be challenged for their knowledge, and taking part in a quiz with exciting gratifications is always fun. The Network challenge has managed to successfully emulate the excitement of television quiz programmes in the online world, complete with ‘ask a friend’ lifeline and ‘double or quits’ options. It has not only thrown up a very tough set of questions testing your knowledge about the different places and cultures in this world, but also throws light on Lufthansa flights in these locations.

Design-wise the app is neat and appealing with brand colours in the layout. Besides, the useful information and smooth navigation also add on to a good user experience. The like-gated app will help grow the Facebook community with relevant fans, apart from helping in increased visibility with the share and invite buttons.

Lufthansa India has always been a Facebook savvy brand with a number of interesting campaigns on the social networking giant, be it the recent ‘Reveal the plane‘ or the earlier ‘Stuttgart Crossword‘ campaign. While these were easy challenges for the fans and offered multiple chances, the Network challenge seems a tougher one in comparison with stricter rules. However, the airlines always provides exciting prizes!

A good concept in a well-executed campaign with relevant prizes makes the Network challenge a memorable campaign. What do you think?