Solve The Crossword And Fly To Stuttgart With Lufthansa India

A review of Lufthansa India's Stuttgart Crossword Facebook campaign where fans are invited to solve a crossword and the grand prize being a 3d/4n trip to Stuttgart courtesy Lufthansa

Lufthansa India - the Indian arm of Lufthansa, the state-promoted airline of Germany – has a pretty large community on Facebook with 261k fans. To engage with them and create a buzz for itself it has started a series of contests with each one based on the tourist attractions of a particular major city of Germany. The first one was termed as ‘Berlin Treasure Hunt’ and was conducted in the first half of the year. The lone prize was a three-day trip to Berlin with a return ticket from Lufthansa.

The second contest in the series started on November 19 with Stuttgart, the south German city being the focus. The contest is being run in partnership with the German National Tourist Office and Region Stuttgart which promotes Stuttgart and the adjoining areas as tourist places.

Stuttgart Crossword

The Facebook contest being run within an app on the Lufthansa India page is crossword based as the name suggests. You need to like the page first before going ahead and participating in the contest. The welcome screen appears which gives concise details about the contest along with the link to the Terms & Conditions section at the bottom.

Lufthansa crossword app

All you have to do to participate is read about Stuttgart and its tourist attractions given under the ‘Sensational Stuttgart’ section located towards the top right area of the welcome screen and solve the crossword based on those details. After completion it shows up the result of your efforts and in case you are not happy with your performance you can play again. Before submission, you are required to give away your phone number along with your name and email address which the app churns out anyway.

There is only one ‘Grand Prize’ of 3 nights & 4 days stay in Stuttgart including return tickets from Lufthansa. As mentioned in the Terms & Conditions section, the contest ends on December 19 and the winners are going to be selected by sweepstakes.

Ending Thoughts

The app runs without a glitch all through. The interface has a pleasing design and the background images used add a unique charm to it. The Terms & Conditions are as comprehensive as one would like and hardly leave any scope for misinformation on the part of Lufthansa India. The primary goal of this series of contests is to gain fans, promote and build awareness about the tourist attractions of various cities of Germany. In this case it does that very well - from portraying Stuttgart as the birthplace of automobiles to a destination which has a rich history and vibrant culture.

The only thing that did not impress me about the contest was its difficulty level. On the crossword page there is a ‘Find Hidden Clues’ button which takes you to the ‘Sensational Stuttgart’ section where you can search for the answer you are looking for. Also, there is no time limit which makes it easier. Moreover, it gives you unlimited opportunities to better your previous scores before finally submitting it. Conclusively, Lufthansa India is hell-bent on making you get all the answers correct and thus keeping you interested and excited with the prospect of winning the holiday package.

So have a crack at this simple crossword. Who knows you might be flying to Stuttgart very soon.