Lufthansa India Invites Fans To Park The A380 On Facebook

Review of Lufthansa India's Facebook campaign 'Park The A380' where one can earn points for parking a virtual A380 within 2 minutes, and enter sweepstakes



Lufthansa is making pilots of its social community. Lufthansa India, one of the leading European airlines in India is on with yet another exciting campaign titled ‘Park the A380’. Here Facebook fans need to park the Lufthansa A380 into the hangar as quickly as they can, within a maximum time of two minutes. Thankfully for us, it is a game hosted on a Facebook app and players use the arrow keys on their keyboard!

The campaign seeks to promote the Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger aircraft that can carry more than 800 passengers in a single-class configuration, which as per a recent Reuters report, will begin flights to India in the later part of 2014.

Park the A380…on Facebook!

The game is hosted on a Facebook app on the Lufthansa India Facebook page. Designed and executed by digital agency MRM worldwide, you need to ‘like’ the page and register with your personal details, to get started with the game.

The format keeps you glued to it throughout the two months of the campaign. There are weekly sweepstakes where players get a chance to win fun prizes like aircraft models, retro mugs, backpacks, clocks, loudspeakers and more.

The faster you park, the more points you score. For each second remaining from the maximum time of 2 minutes, you score a 100 points. You collect Lufthansa cranes as the A380 crosses them and earn 200 points for each crane. For every 6000 points, you get a virtual plane with which you can enter the weekly sweepstakes. Each entry at the sweepstakes is defined by the number of virtual planes you have.


The tabs on the app further explain the game. You click on start to begin parking. You can hear the wheels hitting the runway and the sound of the fast winds while you steer the plane ahead. I managed to park after which the app shared my scorecard. You can share this on your Facebook wall and then choose to play again.

The leaderboard lists the top scorers while winners tab lists the weekly winners so far. The app is enabled with Facebook Share and Invite options.

Fun and engaging

Lufthansa India has been quite actively engaging its Facebook community. With ‘Park the A380’, it manages to promote the largest airbus amongst Indians, a country to which it plans to start A380 flights soon. ‘Experience the A380’ link on the app gives a virtual tour of the A380 as featured on the website, which is a great addition to the parking frenzy.

Along with an engaging concept, the app has been designed well too. The clean layout and brand colours coupled with the track playing in the background adds to the overall user experience. The like-gated feature adds to the growth of the fan base as well. Though navigation was smooth in the app, I’d prefer it not to explain the steps to park every time a new game loads.

Nevertheless, I had fun parking the A380, hope you do too. Do share your thoughts on the Lufthansa Facebook campaign.