Lufthansa India Engages Fans With ‘Reveal The Plane’ On Facebook

Review of Lufthansa India's Facebook campaign 'Reveal The Plane', where fans had to give correct answers about 4 Lufthansa aircraft to reveal the final image

Airlines are getting fun on social media, specially on the most popular social network – Facebook. There are your friends and then it is always fun to take quizzes that test your knowledge. Lufthansa India blended the two factors to create a fun Facebook application that tests your knowledge on its aircraft.

The leading European  airline in India unveiled a fun Facebook game called ‘Reveal the Plane’ for all aircraft aficionados. The month long campaign designed by digital agency MRM worldwide, gave away 30 miniature A380 aircraft models to the most knowledgeable fans of its aircraft for each day of the campaign.

One had to brush up their aircraft knowledge and answer 5 questions on each of the four different Lufthansa aircrafts. Each right answer reveals that part of the plane and all correct answers make one eligible for the daily sweepstakes. There’s also a bonus A380 stress-ball to be won along with the miniature model!

Reveal the plane

The game is hosted on a Facebook app – ‘Reveal the game’ on the Lufthansa India Facebook page, that can be played only after one ”likes’ the page.


Once you click on ‘play’, the app displays you four of Lufthansa’s aircrafts – the JU 52, A380, Super Constellation and Boeing 747 – 8. Click on any of the aircrafts to go about answering questions about them. The app gives plenty of instructions along the way, in the form of text messages. Every question has multiple choices and the right choice selection reveals that part of the plane.

Once the plane is completely revealed, one can enter the sweepstakes. Even if the questions are answered incorrectly, one can retry other options till they get it all right. And learn about the Lufthansa aircrafts in the process.

One can also share and invite friends on Facebook with the respective buttons provided on top. The ‘Winners’ button displays a list of the lucky winners of the campaign.

How cool is it?

I was impressed by the animated clouds in the Facebook app. That together with the neat layout and design with brand colours has made for an appealing visual experience. Information, helpful instructions and smooth execution also serve towards a good user experience for the fans. Visibility is taken care by the provision for sharing and inviting friends from the app. Being a ‘like-gated’ app, the campaign helps build the airlines’ Facebook community with relevant fans.

With ‘Reveal the plane’, Lufthansa seems to be on a brand recall campaign this festive season. The multiple chances provided in the contest  enable all participants to get the right answers, irrespective of their knowledge. In fact, Lufthansa had also made it very simple during the Stuttgart crossword campaign at the eve of the year. To answer the crossword based on the tourist city, the Facebook app provided hidden clues that directly led one to the answer.

The social savvy airline has run some interesting campaigns through Facebook earlier. A few months back, it undertook a Facebook hunt in the form of ‘Lufthansa Star Chef Recipe‘ after teaming up with celebrity chefs. The creator of the winning recipe won a free trip to Germany to visit the LSG Sky Chefs and a 3 night hotel stay, along with a 3 month internship at one of The Leela hotels.

A miniature A380 model with a simple quiz that enhances the aircraft knowledge, makes ‘Reveal the plane’ an appealing one on Facebook. What do you think?