Lucknow Police On Facebook

Lucknow Police on Facebook

The Indian Government organizations connecting to citizens via Facebook are no more surprising. In the recent past, we have seen many Indian government departments following the bandwagon. Some have understood the importance of social networking while most of them are clueless. Recently, Lucknow Police has created its presence on Facebook to talk to citizens, listen to their complaints and register cases via Facebook too. SP (Traffic) Trans Gomiti, Nitin Tiwari had to add this on the launch of the Facebook fan page:

“The page is aimed at serving the people and to redress their grievances online. Those having problems can reach the Lucknow Police through the site and after investigation, if necessary, FIR would be registered”


How cool is the Facebook Fan Page?

The page on the day of its launch was liked by more than a thousand people as said by the page administrators.

Lucknow Police


The mood is upbeat and the page lives the enthusiasm considering that it is in it’s initial days. The Welcome Page has been well designed and has features such as Police Stations, Police Officers, Complaints and Stations on Map. Thus it provides all the required information for a citizen with contact details and a simpler way to register complaints too. This has been a very cool use of the landing page.

Landing Page


The wall is quite active with fans appreciating the move but the page administrators have been a bit slow in responding. Since these are the initial days one takes time.

Indeed it is a great move and with the changing times one would appreciate if other government organizations embark on the social media route. Also the recent release of the social media draft for Indian government agencies has been an apt move in this direction and shows the will from the government. However, Lucknow Police should also be ready to listen to negative sentiments and backlashes too. Along with regular updates of its own, it should be keen in updating user queries rationally. One has seen in the past government pages such as Gov2.In, Ministry of Finance etc. have become a mere page for link sharing without zero engagement. This should be avoided and some quick tips learntĀ from the Bangalore Traffic Police Facebook presence if Lucknow Police wants to build a great and engaging community.

How do you see the latest move by Lucknow Police and what would be your advice to Lucknow Police to make a great Facebook Fan page?

Source: Economic Times