Love Emoji Characters? Good News, Twitter Now Supports Them

Twitter now supports emoji characters on web


Good news for all those who love expressing characters while typing, Twitter now supports emoji characters — the small, cartoon-like figures. Twitter has begun showing emoji characters on its main website, reports TNW.

With this new development the emojis typed by you via your mobile would be reflected on Twitter web. So this also means fewer square boxes:


And with the support Twitter might look a bit colourful. Hoping that users don’t spam with emojis for no rhyme or reason.

I have tested it at my end but the feature is still not rolled out for me. However, it appears that emojis aren’t supported in tweets that are embedded on websites.

The latest emoji feature adds up to the list of Twitter experiments that the 140 character network has been doing for some time now. All in the name of simplifying the platform so as to increase the reach of Twitter.

Will Twitter support stickers too?