Louis Philippe’s Digital Lifestyle Content Platform ‘The Label’ Gets A Makeover

Louis Philippe’s digital content platform 'The Label' that chronicles the lifestyle of the man of today has been re-launched with renewed focus on new and emerging social trends.


TheLabel.in, Louis Philippe’s digital content platform that chronicles the lifestyle of the man of today has been re-launched on the 18th of June 2014. The site now has a renewed focus on new and emerging social trends. The platform that started with Louis Philippe’s intention to cater to the Indian male while creating meaningful points of interaction with him, has packed in new features, making the content lighter, wittier, shareable, topical and engaging for a style seeker.

New features like the ‘The Lighter Side’ add an element of humour in fashion and lifestyle trends, while the ‘The Wish List’, a weekly thematic compilation of various products and features from across the web, offers consumers a wider perspective on the things that they like reading about or watching on the web.

This revised and refined website establishes the brand credentials even more strikingly than it did earlier and we are sure we will set new benchmarks in the space of content marketing, said Sridhar Rajaram, Head of Marketing at Louis Philippe while speaking on the relaunch.

The brand has partnered with Jack In The Box, the Content Marketing and Integrated Communications arm of The 120 Media Collective, to create engaging content for The Label.

In an extensive interview with LI this April, Sridhar had shared the story behind the birth of ‘The Label’ and how the brand has been focused on a consumer centric approach rather than a product centric one. “Across media and more specifically in the digital space, we realize that consumers are constantly interacting not with brands, but with content that is of interest to their life stages and hence it was important that we, as a brand defined our point of view in such interactions.”

The relaunched website seems to be a thoughtful move in that direction, as Sridhar puts across the brand’s intent for The Label – “to create world class content that delivers the brand purpose of acting as the definitive lifestyle guide for the arrived Indian male of today.”

The Label has more than 300,000 subscriptions and gets more than a million unique visitors every year. The platform aims to be a ready reckoner for quick men’s fashion, with expert contributors and an array of relevant content.

Content is the best way to engage with this always-on generation,” said Abhishek Razdan, SVP and Business Head, Jack In The Box Worldwide Mumbai, on the content strategy adopted for Louis Philippe. He added, Today’s generation is not interested in consuming boring product messages. They are looking for meaningful engagements and their expectations from brands are no different. Unless, you are of utility to them, you’ll keep getting discarded.”

Building branded digital assets is the way forward, we have seen forward thinking brands already doing this to stay ahead of the curve, Louis Philippe is one of them.