L’Oreal Paris India Launches The Stay Rooted Campaign For Its New Hairfall Shampoo

Review of L’Oreal Paris India's 'Stay Rooted Campaign' to launch the brand's hairfall repair shampoo on social media

If you could go back in time and thank someone, who would that be? This is the question put forth by beauty brand L’Oreal Paris India to introduce its latest hairfall repair shampoo ‘L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair 3X’. But, why – you ask! The answer lies in roots, the roots of your hair as well as the roots that have made you ‘You!’

Every shampoo today speaks about strong hair, but what really matters is the roots that make the hair strong. Based on the philosophy that real strength of people comes from their ‘roots’ L’Oreal has launched the ‘Stay Rooted’ campaign, where consumers are encouraged to connect with their roots by taking the time out to thank and appreciate the people, things and places that have influenced them in their past.

For ‘Stay rooted’, the beauty brand has created a film ‘Go back in time’, that features people from different walks of life thanking that one special person who helps them connect with their roots:

The social media promotions being carried out by digital agency Foxymoron, has used Facebook and Twitter to bring home the message of ‘Stay Rooted’ to its online community, alongside other promotions.

Stay Rooted connects on Facebook

‘Stay Rooted’ has become the flavour of the L’Oreal Paris India Facebook page. The promotions commenced with introducing the product on a brand new cover page around the mid of last month. The brand ambassador Sonam Kapoor is seen endorsing the new product too, followed by the TVC link.

Small engagement activities on the wall invited the 1.8 million strong fan base to share the special person who kept them rooted in their life, answer questions based on the TVC and go back in time with the video to thank that special someone. Besides, the page has useful updates about the product’s benefits and price.

Along with the promise of surprise incentives, fans have been asked to share a picture of themselves with that special person and give reasons as to why they would like to thank that person who keeps them rooted. The best messages from these would be then customised into a cover photo like this:


A dedicated Facebook app gives details of the product and the TVC featuring Sonam Kapoor. Also, it displays a link to the website where a fan can choose to buy the product online as well as through offline stores.

Stay Rooted on Twitter

L’Oreal Paris India has leveraged Twitter to connect, converse and spread the word about the new product. The brand ran a few contests on the micro-blogging platform encouraging Twitter users to watch and share the ad video in return of free gift hampers.

#MadeMeWhoIAm asked users to watch and comment on the ‘Go back in time’ video. This was also extended with a contest asking participants to tweet with the hashtag to win goodies. A similar exercise was also followed with #IWillNotFall and #FallRepair3X.

Ending thoughts

The idea of ‘Stay rooted’ has been ingrained into every piece of content on social media, and that is the simple single-point message around which it seeks to connect with consumers. Playing around with the idea of staying rooted to promote a hair fall shampoo and making that the core message of the campaign are the two pillars on which it stands tall. Advertising designed on an emotional ground often has more scope to connect on social media and this campaign seems to have got it right.

The product hasn’t been hidden behind the message alone; content shared has taken care to highlight the product in between the messages. Besides, the app featuring the link to know more and buy, is a good call for action. Apparently, a good amount of thought has been given to content strategy, furthering the brand proposition ‘Because we’re worth it’.

Driving conversations by enabling your fan base to connect with the strengthening roots in their past, relevant incentives and a simple campaign extension onto social media. What are your views on ‘Stay Rooted’?