Lonely Planet India Invites Travellers To Share Offbeat Destinations Via ‘India Unexplored’

Lonely Planet and Skyscanner launch India Unexplored, a digital campaign that invites avid travellers to share their offbeat travel experiences


Lonely Planet India, one of the most popular travel information providers, is much sought after for its series of travel guides. If you’re looking to explore the temples of south India, or the best beaches in the country or just want a weekend break from the hustle and bustle of city life, chances are that Lonely Planet has a travel guide tailor made for that. The guides ensure its users have richer travel stories and memorable holiday experiences.

The travel brand has now embarked on an ambitious 45-day digital campaign called ‘India Unexplored’ along with Skyscanner, a leading global travel search site, in association with its digital agency iffort. The idea is to find the yet undiscovered, lesser known places in the country with the help of travel enthusiasts. Participants can submit their discoveries of lesser known destinations under special themes and win big.

The top three mega prize winners will win a holiday for two to offbeat destinations sponsored by Linger Guesthouse, Pugdundee Safaris and Joy Resorts & Hotels. The top three discoveries from each of the special themes – See, Do, Eat, Shop – will be given merchandise by Wrangler, Outdoor Travel Gear and Skybags. Entry for the best image shared will get merchandise from Wrangler, the best video entry will get a holiday for two at Linger Guesthouse and the best trekking discovery will get a Skybag. There are early bird prizes from Polaris India and F&D Audio for the first 45 approved entries!

The contest is hosted on the brand’s website and requires one to submit a destination that is listed on Google Maps. You can submit details about the place, images and videos which will then go through moderation, and if eligible will be allocated points. 3 mega winners will be decided on the basis of the number of points earned.

A panel of 3 judges including travel experts will choose the winners based on parameters like nature and uniqueness of the location of discovery/ entry, quality of content in the description, image aptness and quality, frame and creativity in the image caption and video relevance and quality as well as visual content.

Login via Facebook or Google Plus or through your email id and start with submitting your entry under any of the four themes - See, Do, Eat, Shop. You can search for the submitted entries that have cleared moderation on the map provided. The Lonely Planet India Facebook and Twitter pages have been sharing the contest along with pictures of the many prizes in store.

Of travel junkies by travel junkies for travel junkies

India Unexplored has handed the baton to adventurous travel seekers. The campaign empowers travel enthusiasts to be able to share and discover the less travelled parts of India, with Lonely Planet India serving as the platform. In addition to strengthening its position as the go-to destination to discover the best travel experiences, the campaign also helps the travel guide to collate information on the lesser known, offbeat destinations in the country, something that exists in  bits and pieces on the internet - on a travel blogger’s site, on online travel forums, on the many newly sprung travel social networks and on individual posts on social networks.

Lonely Planet India, in a way, is crowdsourcing the best offbeat destinations in India, with the help of avid travellers, through this digital initiative. The exciting bit is the prizes on offer for sharing discoveries; travel enthusiasts will surely participate with the relevant incentives they could win.

A smart campaign by Lonely Planet India and possibly a new co-created or user-generated travel guide called “Best offbeat destinations in India” or “India Unexplored”. What do you think?