Live Videos Get Preference On Facebook News Feed, LinkedIn Will Allow To Target Ads At Specific Companies

Global digital news - Facebook is changing its News Feed algorithm again and prioritizing live video, LinkedIn Sponsored Updates or Sponsored InMail campaigns can target user profiles based on a list of companies, and more

1. Facebook tweaks News Feed algorithm to give preference to live videos: Facebook is changing its News Feed algorithm again and prioritizing live video. The social network is ramping up its focus on its “Periscope-killer” live video tool by tweaking the News Feed and placing live streams, instead of regular video and archived feeds, toward the top. The change comes two months after Facebook rolled out live streaming capability for all users.

2. LinkedIn Is Now Allowing Marketers to Target Ads at Specific Companies: On Tuesday, the company announced that marketers running native ads through Sponsored Updates or Sponsored InMail campaigns can target user profiles based on a list of companies they want to target specific products or other sales to.

3. Instagram Video Slowly Gains Traction Among Brands After 3 Years: On average brands posted 50% more organic videos per day in January 2016 than they did in January 2015, according to data collected by video ad-tech firm Pixability. The company analyzed 50 Instagram accounts run by brands including Mercedes-Benz, Bud Light, Pepsi, Skittles, Taco Bell and Ford. But — and it’s a big but — brands are still posting way fewer videos than they are photos.

4. Facebook Wants Celebrities for Its Live Streaming Service, and It’s Willing to Pay Cash: Facebook has a new pitch for Hollywood celebrities and other famous people: Come broadcast yourself on our Live streaming video service, where you can reach your fans and find new ones. We might even pay some of you to play along.

5. Twitter launches Moments in Australia, as it tries to win back old users: Twitter is launching its Moments feature in Australia on Wednesday, aiming to bring its non-active users back to the social media website by making it easier to follow big events and find the best accounts to follow.

6. Associated Press Teams Up With Twitter To Track 2016 Election-Related Tweets: As today’s Super Tuesday primaries unfold, the Associated Press announced a partnership with Twitter and Google with the launch of its Election Buzz tool. Tracking 2016 election-related tweets and Google search volume, the AP’s trends tool shows which 2016 candidates and political topics are receiving the most attention online.

7. Brands are using emojis more than ever, research confirms: You’re not just imagining things: Brands are using emojis in tweets and Facebook posts more than ever. Six in 10 of the 500 most followed brands online used emojis in its tweets in the fourth quarter of 2015, according to social media analytics firm SocialBakers. That’s up from the same period in 2014, when four in 10 brands used emoji.

8. Netflix is hiring “Grammasters,” a paid gig to take Instagram pictures: Netflix has a dream gig for people with generous vacation time and a sharp Instagram eye. The streaming service is looking for “Grammasters” again — four lucky people who will spend two weeks in Europe and the Middle East to post pictures from “popular shows, films, and even Netflix originals.” Netflix is paying $4,000 for the job plus covering travel expenses.

9. More than half of all ad blocker users would disable them to read content: The latest IAB/YouGov study on the state of ad blocking in the U.K. contains more bad news for publishers — and a few glimmers of hope. While it finds that the number of people using ad blockers has increased to 22 percent, it also shows that over half of users are likely to disable blockers in exchange for content.

10. Conde Nast Acquires U.K. Digital Publishing Startup Founded by Ex-Twitter Engineer: Condé Nast has acquired Poetica, a London-based startup that has developed a real-time content editing system, which was co-founded by former lead Twitter engineer Blaine Cook.

11. Financial Times to launch on Facebook at Work: The Financial Times is working with Facebook to offer a business version of the popular social network to its staff around the globe.

12. Brands and agencies are already experimenting with on-demand Snapchat geofilters: Snapchat’s on-demand geofilters may only be days old, but they are already very much on marketers’ radars.

13. Slack will soon start testing voice and video chat: Slack is gunning for Skype and Google Hangouts with the 2016 product roadmap it revealed today. The biggest change coming: the ability to seamlessly turn a text chat into a voice or video chat will begin testing “very soon”. This builds on Slack’s January 2015 acquisition of Screenhero, when it said these features would eventually be released.

14. Nanigans brings its social ad tools to Twitter: Social marketing company Nanigans announced today that it’s launching support for Twitter.