Lipton Ice Tea Chill Out Surprise [Twitter Case Study]

by Vinaya Naidu on August 29, 2021

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In an attempt to strengthen its brand positioning ‘Take a chill pill’, Lipton Ice Tea launched a surprise chill-out campaign for 6 days on Twitter. Executed by Digital agency, Social Seety, the campaign employs Twitter to connect with the offline audience.

Launched in April 2011, Lipton Ice Tea is a ready to drink thirst quencher, made up of a unique combination of natural tea extracts & delicious fruity flavours and promises to be a new way to refresh oneself. With the objective being to promote Lipton Ice Tea as an instant refreshing beverage to consumers who are in the middle of a stress-filled busy day, Social Seety came up with ‘Chill Out Surprise’ - a unique campaign that helped the brand to connect with the offline audience.

The logistics and the execution was tried and tested multiple times before going live with this campaign.

Idea behind ‘Chill Out Surprise’

The campaign ‘Chill Out Surprise’ originated from the idea that a stressed out bunch of people would always love a chilled out surprise gift. As per their research, 80% of us crib on social media today and that too majorly on Twitter. Hence, Twitter was the chosen medium for running the ‘Chill Out Surprise’ campaign.

What Chill Out Surprise did?

Tracked stressed twitteraties: The agency set about targeting stressed-out Twitter users by looking for stress-filled or complaining tweets in the city. Twitter was used as a search tool. The agency searched for keywords like “stressed, mondayblues, traffic, traffucked” and did an India specific search and narrowed it down to Mumbai and also refined the search with only negative tweet selections.

Tracked location of stressed twitteraties: Next, they tracked down the location of these Twitter users. This was the most interesting aspect as all social prospects were integrated to track the person down. A number of methods were employed like - combination of blogs as some twitteraties are anonymous, LinkedIn to find out where they work, Twitter to find the city, sometimes Facebook to get a hang of their personality and then the final confirmation was done by calling into their office and knowing if they have entered the office.

Surprised stressed twitteraties: The minute these user’s locations were confirmed, the Chill Out Crew rushed over to their office with a customised Chill Out Hamper. (You can see it in the video below).

Results achieved by Chill Out Surprise:

In about 6 days, #ChillOutSurprise managed to create a decent buzz. Here are some important statistics (a cumulative data comprising the 6 days):

  • Half a million impressions
  • 10+ tweets per minute
  • 3000+ interactions
  • 1,50,000+ people reached
  • 20% increase in follower count
  • And, Countless Smiles!

The hashtag data was collected from Hashtracking at the end of every day. Here is the data collected at the end of Jul 13.


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