#100DaysOfSummer: Lipton Ice Tea Makes A Refreshing Splash With Its Clever Content Strategy

Chilled ice tea recipes, pranks, tricks and more form a majority of the visuals, gifs and videos shared on the brand's social media platforms, this summer


Come summer and all life applies a brake on its merrymaking. Outdoor activities are shifted indoors, schools are on holidays while chilled drinks and ice creams make a comeback. Everybody makes a beeline to cooler places, but then there are exceptions. There are two types of people who cannot resist staying outdoors: Kids and Traffic cops. Kids need to play in the hot sun and traffic cops need to control the congestion on our roads despite the hot sun.

No matter where the mercury levels have shot up to, no matter how sweaty or thirsty they are, and no matter what the sun does to their body, traffic cops never fail the call of duty. They stand on their feet all day long, at the very spot at junctions where the pollution is at its worst. Yet, they call it their duty and not a punishment.

Lipton Ice Tea decided to refresh the men on duty with a chilled bottle each. The ice tea maker chose New Delhi and NCR region where 6250 traffic cops go against 1.5 crore vehicles, during average temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius. Part of its #100DaysOfSummer campaign, the initiative has been lauded for its thoughtful gesture on social media.

And the company is also encouraging people to do the same. Take a bottle of ice tea with you and offer it to strangers battling the heat this summer. Share your story using the hashtag #RefreshSmiles.

Lipton Ice Tea is not the only company to have given a thought to the plight of traffic cops battling the sun and pollution. Recently, GAIL India extended a helpful hand to traffic policemen through its #GiftAMask campaign, in association with HawaBadlo, an independent people’s movement spearheaded by Social Cloud Ventures. For every tweet having #GiftAMask, a real mask was given away to traffic policemen.

For #100DaysOfSummer, Lipton Ice Tea has ensured content plays a lead role in its digital activities. Videos, visuals, gifs became the order of the day in associating the brand with ‘100 days of summer’. An interesting mix of content that includes chilled beverage recipes, hilarious skits and more with Lipton Ice Tea was crafted with comedian Jose, Magician Neel and Recipe maker Shailarna.

The hashtag #100DaysOfSummer pulls up some refreshing content. Here are quick gif recipes to keep you refreshed, there’s punch, sangria, pina-tea-lada and more:

The expert telling you how to get ready for #100DaysOfSummer:

The magician beats the heat with tricks:

The comedian adds the laughs:

Lipton Ice Tea – the ultimate summer saviour!

Beating the heat with refreshing content

#100DaysOfSummer has undoubtedly gone massive on content. Lipton Ice Tea has crafted an interesting content strategy to woo its digital users, complete with chilled recipes, pranks, tricks and more. Teaming up with content creators like Jose, Neel and Shailarna has ensured an interesting mix of visuals, gifs and videos, while staying true to its ‘refreshing’ proposition. The social media channels of the ice tea maker make for a refreshing feed of short brand stories, together weaving the ‘100 days of summer’.

Add to it the social angle of refreshing traffic cops at the most congested city with chilled bottles, and the brand has won over digital audiences. Armed with a clever and relevant content mix coupled with fun activities, Lipton Ice Tea’s #100DaysOfSummer has indeed ensured a strong brand recall this summer, as well as wooed the social media savvy millennials who do not get sold on ads!