LinkedIn Today Has A New Look!

An article on LinkedIn Today revamping its look and feel

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LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network has been quite active in introducing new product features in 2012. It had recently introduced Targeted Updates and Follower statistics for marketers. Following the same trend, LinkedIn has revamped the look and feel of LinkedIn Today.

LinkedIn Today is tailored or curated news brought for you from leading websites and blogs depending on your professional interests. In other words, LinkedIn not only provides the latest happenings from around the world but also the areas that interest you.

LinkedIn Today
LinkedIn Today

The new look of LinkedIn gives you a feeling of an enriched content site. The template that has been used is similar to the “magazine” theme. So as a LinkedIn user, you can click and change between list and pictorial view that the template provides. LinkedIn Today also allows you to change your preferences, which you can do by clicking the settings button located at the extreme right. Apart from the different industries that you can follow for latest updates, you can also “Follow Sources” and even have a look at the suggestions made by Linkedin on the respective industries to follow.

LinkedIn Today customize news
Customize News

The new layout also provides a small dashboard of your activities. The dashboard shows you the list of “Sources” that you are following along with the list of my saved articles for future reading. The dashboard has a quick link that leads you to the page where you can customize your news. Besides this, every article that is being displayed in LinkedIn News shows us interesting insights such as Trending In, Shared By, Share or Save. These small features are useful. “Trending In” will lead to follow or read more news in that certain domain. For instance, I read a particular story and LinkedIn Today highlights that it has been “Trending In” for the topic -Internet. This quickly gives me a chance to read more trending articles from the industry -Internet. “Share” provides the list of people who have shared the article recently. This is another great way to find like-minded people if you really want to increase your network on LinkedIn.

Definitely the new look will allure people to hook up on LinkedIn for a longer duration. LinkedIn had introduced these features keeping two reasons in mind – 1. To go beyond just a job site and 2. To hold users on LinkedIn for a longer duration. I am sure the new change in look will be helpful in achieving its objectives. LinkedIn Today is a feature that can be compared to the numerous social reading apps being integrated by Facebook. Yet LinkedIn stands at the top when compared to the social reading apps on Facebook for few reasons listed below:

1. LinkedIn Today is a customized app and allows you to choose your own news.

2. It gives you the control on what you would like to share, unlike the social apps on Facebook where everything is shared by default.

3. LinkedIn Today is a focused product providing you with industry-related news in your area of interest.

The way ahead for social reading is offering curated content that users prefer and LinkedIn Today is doing exactly that. Although social reading has upgraded for the better, I would prefer to read news from India. Hopefully, LinkedIn will think of providing localized content too!

Are you impressed by the new look of LinkedIn Today?