LinkedIn Launches Sponsored Updates For Brands. HCL Technologies One of the Selected Partners

LinkedIn boasts of having 225 million global users has recently announced that it is expanding its content ecosystem with the launch of Sponsored Updates.

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LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network has more than 3 million Company Pages. These pages help brands to interact with its fans or followers and talk about their services. But as a staunch supporter of LinkedIn, I have always felt that the company pages have been limited when compared to the business pages provided by Facebook. But there is some good news for all LinkedIn enthusiasts.

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The network that boasts of having 225 million global users has recently announced that it is expanding its content ecosystem with the launch of Sponsored Updates. The service that is an invite only feature for now, enables businesses to build relationships by delivering their content into the homepage feed of members beyond those who are following their company.

With Sponsored Updates, marketers on the platform will be able to achieve enough reach for their high quality content such as - slideshows, articles, videos, and whitepapers and expect better engagement on the content.

These updates will be seen on all devices and they would be clearly marked as “Sponsored”. Members will have the option to “Follow” the sponsoring company as well as “Like,” “Comment” and “Share” posts with their network.


The new feature would be rolling out to any company page on LinkedIn by the end of July. Interested customers will be able to select pricing for based on either CPC or CPM pricing model. The new feature could be promoted in 20 languages across 200 countries and customers can also track the effectiveness with the analytics provided.

As always LinkedIn has been testing the new feature with a set of companies - Allstate Insurance, Box Inc., Domo, Inc., Charles Schwab & Co., General Electric, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan Motor Company, etc. HCL Technologies, which has more than 187K followers on its company page is also testing the feature. Abhishek Shankar, Head Digital Marketing and Brand Office has called it a first class initiative and further added,

“HCL Technologies was one of the select trial partners ahead of general availability for LinkedIn sponsored updates. As a consumer and provider of digital marketing services, we derived significantly higher digital outcomes through this first in class initiative.”

With more than 20 million registered Indian users on LinkedIn, including HCL Technologies in the list comes as no surprise. The new feature is a win- win situation for both LinkedIn and for the brands present on the platform. The professional network gets a new source of revenue and brands investing money can reach out the untapped market as well.

Though the pricing structure is still not clear, the mystery would be solved once it rolls out completely. For now if you are reaping benefits from the network then the new feature is a must try.