LinkedIn Introduces Targeted Updates And Follower Statistics For Marketers

An article on LinkedIn introducing Targeted Updates And Follower Statistics For Marketers

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While the industry experts are yet to come out of the shock of the Facebook buyout of Instagram for $1 billion and the entrepreneurs are dreaming about one more such deal for them, LinkedIn has introduced two vital features in its product. The latest updates, which is the introduction of “Targeted Updates” and “Follower Statistics” have been made keeping in the mind the interests of marketers and advertisers. ((As reported by

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The two features are an interesting roll out considering the fact that one allows you to target the update and other provides insights on followers. With the introduction of “Targeted Updates”, an organization or a brand will have the ability to specifically target certain followers and exclusively deliver content to them. In other words, with this feature not only can a company segment it’s followers by a range of variables such as industry, job function, company size and geography but also deliver them targeted content rather than spamming all its network.

With this, LinkedIn is also providing companies with an analytics dashboard where the organization can actually see how effective has the content that was delivered to its followers been. In other words, the company can track how many people have liked or shared or commented on the content. The latest update is now on a selective rollout and companies such as AT&T, Samsung Mobile, Dell and Microsoft are the only ones testing it.

LinkedIn, one of the worlds largest professional network which has 150m+ users world-wide and 10m+ users in India, has given some reason to cheer for brands. I have always felt that one can’t drive much engagement via the company page but these recent updates have are going to prove me wrong. I am excited by the fact that you can target a certain set of followers via job function or even geographies and get a quick analysis of the content that has been delivered. After the launch of the Follow button by LinkedIn, this is great news for the companies who are trying to engage on the platform.

I am excited to wait and watch when it is rolled out for all in the coming months.